1990 Bandit 90 brushchipper--Replacement engine ?

Discussion in 'Tree Service Equipment' started by Guest, Dec 7, 2011.

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    I bought a bandit 90 with a 2 cylinder 30 hp wisconsin.It runs ok, but I need a little more.
    I'm new to servicing chippers. The anvil I've figured out. My problem is here in california, new epa and smog rules are driving the little guys outta business.I need to run a engine with less that 50 HP. I can find older wisconsins on area farms for $500 to 1000 and up. I don't chip anything more than 4" to 6", the rest is firewood. What would be a good replacement motor ? Keep in mind that it's a direct drive disc chipper, and whatever motor needs to have a beefed up starter. Vangaurd 35 HP ?...I don't think their starters can turn the disc without burning up later. Kohler ? I'm finding 4 cyl. Wisconsins on hay balers and concrete saws, all kinds of stuff. Most look like they would bolt in. Any ideas ?
    I'm in the $1000 to 3000 price range.

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