1992 Toyota 4 runner 3.0l 3VZE engine..Chime in and tell me the good/bad

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lyube, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. lyube

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    Hello all.

    I'm looking at a 1992 Toyota 4runner SR5, 3.0l 3VZE v6 Engine, 181k miles, automatic, clean looking, runs well (they say).

    What are the points I need to look at when examining this vehicle?

    My guess:

    Timing belt-when/if replaced
    Water pump-when/if replaced
    Smell exhaust for coolant burn
    check oil prior to test drive/after for signs of oil burn, milky oil
    Examine coolant

    Anything else I'm missing and need to look at?

    I'm a big Toyota junkie.. I need this vehicle as my daily driver (I'm a Veterinary Assistant and Weekend warrior) for atleast a year, then after that it will probably be a BOV/Weekend cruiser.

    If I DO get the vehicle, first thing it's going to get a full fluid change (All synthetic mobil one), detail cleaned, and find a replacement gas cap cover.

    One thing I've learned over the years is if you take care of your vehicles they will take care of you.. my last car made it to about 450k (Diesel benz) before I sold it, so it does work.
  2. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    I think you pretty much hit the high points. IF you want some more advice go over to www.tacomaterritory.com Thats one of the best toyota forums out there i used to find all kinds of info there when i had my tacoma and sequoia.
  3. punt66

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    buy american.
  4. poolboy

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    Please enlighten us. Which vehicle is made here in the US with nothing but US parts?
  5. punt66

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    yup, so lets not care at all. Who cares if american owned companies employ us. Lets outsource it all. If Americans would wake up and realize that if we demanded american made products we would be in great shape. Demand american products and you shal recieve. Making excuses why you own a toyota wont get us anywhere.
  6. MarcSmith

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    ^ I am a die hard GM fan family owned a GM dealership. My saturn is in the shop for the hybrid battery pack. warranty issue thank fully. going on 3 weeks of backorder... With out the pack. the car is not drivable. 3 weeks of rental car right now...

    I love GM but their customer service is killing me right now. my commute to-from work has doubled as a result of not having the hybrid... and they won't put me in a non GM branded rental car...

    Very tempted to take the saturn when/if itgets out of the shop to the toyota dealership and get a prius....
  7. poolboy

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  8. punt66

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  9. punt66

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    My inlaws used to have one. I was not impressed with it, not very powerful and got poor mileage. Those engines in that time period were prone to head problems, although Toyota fixed most of those under warranty. Anything, Toyota or otherwise with that many miles could easily be a money pit.

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