1993 L8000 - What's it worth?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Andyinchville, Jan 14, 2007.

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    HI All,

    I am looking to buy a 1993 Ford L8000 16' Flat Bed Dump (with stake sides)with 271K miles. The truck has a Cummins 8.3 Diesel, 7 speed trans, AC, Air Brakes, Pintle Hitch, 33K GVW. The owner says the truck is in EC both mechanically and body wise (pics seem to confirm this). Truck does not smoke (other than normal diesel smoke) or leak any fluids. The truck has twin 75 Gal aluminum fuel tanks and aluminum rims all around...Tires are said to be about 80% and the clutch was replaced 2 months ago. The current owner is a landscape company that uses the truck to deliver goods and materials to their work sites and to haul a trailer with their equipment. What do you think this truck should be worth?
    The truck is still in daily operation. Any opinions on this truck? What would you look for?....I plan on using it to haul my backhoe (Case 680E) and my loader (Cat d4), Additionaly I may use it to haul logs to the lumber mill when we clear lots and during the lawn season I will use it for my hydroseeder and or seal coat equipment....or maybe as a trash / debris hauler / mulch hauler...

    Thanks for any and all advice or input

    PS - How doe the Cummins 8.3 compare to the DT466 in terms of economy, durability and power?
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    If the truck had a 8spd or 9spd the truck would be easily worth 25 grand CND but without seeing the truck its hard to say what its worth.

    The ISC is a bigger motor the 466 is only a 7 litre engine the ISC is bigger it does have a few problems with cam shafts but no big deal. I wouldn't be too worried about the engine. The truck would be allot better with a 8LL transmission or even better with a 13spd it would make a good truck out of it.
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    I wouldn't' worry about the 8.3,that is one of the best cummins ever, we are not talking about an ISC here the ISC is a newer version ,the C 8.3 is non computer engine I had a 1994 four axle L8000 with the 8.3 I never had a better engine ,sold it with 700K miles it had a GVW of 70,000 # with a tare weigh of 21,000 so on every load I had 24.5 tons two and three loads a day never gave up no oil used btwin oil changes at 10,000 miles intervals 8.75 to 9 MPG ,GOD it hurts just thinking about that my to existing trucks do 7.85 MPG Series 60 Detroit ,and 6.75 MPG 3406 E Cat ,that engine will do circles around a 466 , if you want to compare prices go to www.truckpaper.com but don't worry about the 8.3 engine .
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    we have a L8000 6 speed septic pumper truck with the cummins...great truck..ours has a little over 200k on it i believe, good trucks just not sure how much it would be worth
  5. 2109 Stang

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    I forgot to mention tha mine had 250 hp 8LL and 390 rears it was a dump truck

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