1994 Bobcat 450 hyd plumbing?


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burlington vt
Hi All – Im in need of some plumbing help on my Bobcat 450 skidloader. (sorry I don’t have the machines numbers with me now but will get them if if will help.)

If I recall correctly I bought it in 1994 -95. It was the smallest machine width-wise at the time at only 36 inches wide) It has the BICS system. I needed a powerful small machine that I could use to pop out Christmas tree stumps and not hit the trees behind or next to it. (trees are 6X6 grid). It works perfectly for me.

So my question is about Aux hydraulics. Lets say I wanted to add another cyl for a brush thumb. The question is how can I plumb this additional cylinder?? In looking at the machine it has all the factory bracketry on the lift arms where additional wet lines would be threaded thru. This leads me to believe it is possible. What do I look for on the pumps????

So if this possible given the 450’s pump configuration, how would you operate it?? As it stands now the right and left foot pedals control the lift arms and bucket and the hand levers control forward and reverse.. how would I control the thumb???

Thanks in advance dave