1996 ford f250 powerstroke diesel

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by laborador, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. laborador

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    Test drove a ford f250 diesel truck today and ran good. He is asking 8600 for it. It has 105000 miles and it was listed in the blue book for 12,000. The only thing I was concerned with was when I check the oil it was about a quart low, other than that things looked okay. Does anyone have a 96 f250 diesel and what is your experience with them. Thanks
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    I bought a 96 f250 with powerstroke that had 12500 21/2 years ago. I've put 15,000 on it since. I've had no trouble at all. I also own an oil company so we run alot of diesels. I'm not sure if you know it or not but ford uses an international engine which is tough as nails. I wouldn't be to concerned that the oil is down a quart, the bigger question is how the current own maintained it. If he had the oil changed every 5 or 6 thousand you'll have no trouble. Check to see if it has any leaks, that quart could leak out rather then be burnd. My truck will still set you back in the seat when put to the floor. I think you'll have more problems with the running gear then the engine. If it has an auto tranmission I would be to concerned if it shifts hard because that is normal. I love mine!!! Good Luck
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    thanks for the reply, I was curious to know if you know of any problems such as the glow plug relay, water pump leaking or coolant problems. The reason why I asked is because I have done some research on that particular year model and the reviews state that this particular model has had some history with these problems. Thanks
  4. selnoil

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    I did have new glow plugs put in but our nights in January go below 0. I wouldn't think in FL you'd have any trouble?? Only 6 out of 8 were working on mine. If I plug the block heater in for an hour or 2 when its that cold I don't even need the glow plugs. I have not had coolant issues yet. The only other problem I had was some sensor that shut the engine down. I can't remember what it was but it was a $50 part and I was running in a 1/2 hour. I love the truck just wish the engine was a little quiter. Tough to have a conversation through the window when its running though. For power and fuel consumption its the cats meow!!!!
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    We have 96 f250 diesel 4 wd. auto. Has 85,000 mile now . its used for pulling a trailer, snow plowing. Only things we have had to do is new lock out hubs at 12k ,water pump at 50k, driveline slip yoke at 50k ( factory paid), and just this fall 4 glow plugs and relay. And it will use about a qt. of oil every 3000 miles, but most diesels do. And all the newer diesels have trouble with the cam sensors going out early.
  6. selnoil

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    Yes thats the sensor that we had to change as well, the cam sensor. You may want to find out when any of these things were done and get a price and do them yourself. I'd do the cam sensor first because it will kill the engine and you'll need a tow. You will know how the glow plugs are working by how well it starts on a cold morning. Again I love mine.

    Good Luck,
  7. amw

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    my father used to be an cross contry expiditer (sp?) he had one didnt do a thing to it for over 200,000 miles (besides change the oil), if it was taken care of i would think will have little or no probs.

    he also had a buddy that had one too, he had around 350,000 and had about the same probs. the other people have said.

    I have a 99 PSD, has about 65,000 on it and i have only had to put about $350.00 in it (other then oil changes), but it has been in for warrenty work a few times ("o" rings not sealing, the engine would shut down while going down the road...sit on the side of the road for a min...and it would start right back up....NOT fun with 3500lbs in the bed, and 7000lbs of loaded trailer. it was a pain in the as* to brake from around 70mph!)

    maybe do a carfax report on it, alot of times their realy useful.

  8. twwlawn

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    Got a 96' F259 PS, manual trans, got 130,000 on it. Had the fuel pump, vac pump, one battery replaced. No coolant problems. I plug in the block heater during the cold periods. Other than keeping up on the normal maintenance, F250 is still going strong. From talking with other '96 owners, they have had no major problems with there trucks. Seems to be a good year, also depends on how well the past owner kept up on maintenance. Good luck.

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