1996 Sportsman 500, brand new warn winch and snow plow

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    $3600 OBO One strong machine, I will miss it greatly but must sell. Newer brakes On demand 4 x 4, Independent shaft drive, independant rear suspension, automatic transmission push button 4 x4. Miles are 5511, do not know hours but it runs great. Just changed oil and lubed and had front boots replaced and sealed tight..JUST IN TIME FOR HUNTING SEASON, I KNOW THIS MACHINE WILL HANDLE ABOUT 650LB PAYLOAD, ME 220, MY FRIEND 210 AND HIS 215LB KILL LAST FALL. I hoped to bring a few more out this year but need to sell. Plow works awesome and is hooked up to very strong brand new used one stinking day polaris easy on/off snow blade, Yes one day just bought at tail end of last winter season with warn winch. I cannot stress to you how easy it is to put blade on and off, fram work is well hidden and stay on permanent and pull pin hook to winch and your ready to go. Winch control on bars. Over $1000 invested in winch and blade. Winch has lifted blade for on day in winter and pulled a polaris 50 my son was on that ended up in the lake, yes I said lake, NOT THIS MACHINE THE 50!!!! It pulled it up a 75 degree banking without even squating. The new owner will be pleased, It is a 1996 and is NOT NEW, Whats wrong...here is what I know, but am in no way an expert

    Speedometer does not work

    When idling there is a rattle if looking at picture, behind the black plastic cover that is labeled automatic, by where the riders left foot is....is this the transmission case or a belt or chain cover, It goes away while in motion or when it warms up or when I move it alittle very minor but just don't have time to fix permenately, very busy this time of year. Maybe you will know name for this.

    Tires are fair

    Extremely low amount of surface scratches for year


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