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1997 Ford F-350 Dump with 9ft Meyers Plow low miles 24,600mi

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by waltero, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. waltero

    waltero LawnSite Member
    Messages: 206

    We have a 97 Ford F-350XL model, 4x4, 24,600mi, 460cu gas motor, auto, am/fm/cd player. This truck is in really good shape for the year, there is no rust on the cab of the truck and it is the original paint. there is some surface rust on the dump body but it is a very strong body and with a new coat of paint it will look new. It has electric over hydraulic on the dump, dual rear wheels. I install flashing strobe lights on the rear of the truck and on the cab of the truck is a minibar strobe light, I used these for plowing. The dump bed also has a mesh cover that is on a roller that is easy to cover loads and uncover. It will come with a stainless steel tailgate spreader from air-flo, but I haven't used it and the chain is rusted still. The motor does work and with a little work it could be functional. To see the type of spreader look at http://www.southford.com/snow-ice/airfloMSS.htm and for a site that sells parts for the spreader at http://www.angelos-supplies.com/plowparts/p36.pg

    The Plow is a Meyers and is Contractor grade C-9 9ft wide plow. it comes with the touchpad controller.

    You can have the truck for $15,500.00 but there is a little room to neg. as I need to move this truck before the spring. I am planning to get a larger excavator and this truck cannot legally move the larger equipment.

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