1997 international w/dt 466

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by cody, Feb 1, 2002.

  1. cody

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    considering buy this truck,it has 134,000 on it but looks very nice.It was used to haul furniture back and forth from N.C. to N.Y.
    thus all highway miles.It will be used for transporting material and towing a 773 turbo bobcat.Any have one of these trucks that could give me some personal insight or what to look for?
  2. PAPS

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    Its an excellent truck and will have plenty of power for what you said your using it for... 134,000 miles is nothing on that truck.
  3. cody

    cody LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the reply.I have actually purchased a 98 4900 with a 466 turbo for another 20 horses.I'm getting a new dump body, new 15 ton hoist,and paint out of the deal.I feel like a kid on christmas morning!
  4. stslawncare

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    sounds good, congrats on ur purchase! mind telling the prices for the truck and those extras?
  5. cody

    cody LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the reply scottie!I'll give you some details.If you have anymore questions let me know.Its a 1998 international 4900
    with a DT 466 turbo (195 h.p.) with only 101,000 miles.These trucks will easily reach 300,000 to 360,000 miles if taken care of!
    It came with a 24' box,so we have to have chassis shortened.
    I'm having a new 18 ton hoist installed (must be PTO) and a new 14' grain body (all steel) with hinged barn doors on the rear and a side hinged gate.It has air brakes and a 6 speed fuller trans.It was formally a "Penske" truck.Note: Penske trucks have a better maintence record and taken care of better than "Ryder" trucks.
    IM'm having the body painted Maroon and cab a sandstone.So its going to have new paint all the way around.IN my opinion
    International is one of if not the best medium duty trucks out there.This one has a GVW of 25,900.The DT 466 is a highly respected engine and give you plenty of torque of trailoring. We will be pulling a Bobcat 773.I paid $28,000 for this truck.It's well worth it I believe.All our work is local so we only put around 6000
    miles max a year on our vehicles (remember life is around 350,000) so i plan on keeping it for a very long time.We also have another 18' international we run.Good Luck.I see you are in DE. I grew up in Hockessin (New Castle County)
  6. stslawncare

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    u shuold add ur location to ur profile, where u at now? i am outside hockessing more towards wilmington
  7. Andyinchville

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    Just curious but I since I am planning on getting a med duty truck here shortly, what kind of mileage (MPGs) do these ttucks get?....I am looking at an oldwer 1981 Internat S1900 w/ a DT466 and 5 sp e/ 2 sp rear.
  8. RedWolf

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    i have had my 1997 International dump truck for 3 years now and havent had any trouble out of the old girl.It has the DT motor with a 5 speed tranny and 2 speed rear.It will haul a load and pull anything you could throw at it.I hual a Case 520 backhoe with it and it works great.It was the best 4500 ive ever spent.Just change the oil and filters and it will last you for years.I also have a IH loadstar with the inline 6 diesel in it.Another good dump truck ive got.They run forever as long as you take care of them.I run both dump truck 7 days a week and i would take a International and a Chevy C60 over any truck out there

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