1998 Case 580L with 4K hours

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by kb9nvh, Jul 19, 2010.

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    The 580s are much more popular and most 590s are owner operator type machines. So they don't make their way to auctions very often. Most are traded in.

    I am sure you BH does not have a turbo. If it did it would be a Super L. No AC and No turbo will make it harder to resale. The good news is since the machine came from an electrical coop it likely has never dug more than 4 feet deep and had light duty backfilling duties (this is why utilities seldom get the full boat Super L's or M's they don't need the added capacity (I am surprised it had an extenda hoe most don't need that either). You likely wont either if its just for you to play with and not a production type machine. Just know that it will be harder to sell or you will have to discount it more heavily. I would try and find a Series 2 Super L. Better machine and easy to flip. But you will likely have to give more for it so perhaps it would not pencil out for you.
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    This is a super L I think...Look at the photos. There are engine shots that show what looks like a turbo and the "super L " stick on was removed but you can see the paint faded differently and the super L is readable. Now that I think about it, I looks like it went a few years with the super L sticker on there and then removed for the butler county sticker..maybe this guy is the third owner???


    Everyone Please go view the 8 or 10 photo's I've posted of underneath and the hydraulics. Let me know if your experienced eyes see any problems..

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    Keep in mind you can buy aftermarket air conditioning units, which work better than the factory ones usually do. And that's an attachment that never depreciates.
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    Okay can someone confirm what years Case used the frame rails as a hydraulic tank and fuel tank I seen in the pictures a pipe fitting going into the frame. Those machines were prone for leaks I used to operate a 590 with the frame used as hydraulic and fuel tank.

    I looked at the rest of the pictures everything else looks okay there isn't anything covered in oil.

    As KSSS said most electical companies are digging power pole holes and trenching usually nothing too abusive.

    The 590 is a very common machine around here and yes they are owned by owner operators or excavation contractors. Usually when they get rid of a Case backhoe it has 8000-10,000 hours on it.
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    Interesting, so you bolt a compressor to the front of the engine just like factory then?

    Also, This doesn't have 4 in 1 front bucket and is not plumbed for it either. How cheap, if I go used parts, do you think I could get the 4 in 1?

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    Also, so no one has a problem with the price 21.5K or the hours 4K?

    I've had a few people tell me that 21.5K isnt' a door buster bargain on this but no one says its a rip off either. On the 4K hours, its usually my contractor friends who are usually thinking about trading off at 4K hours and are concerned about repairs.
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    I have seen newer hoes lately go for not much more than that but looking at from what you want to do with it, that hoe is just fine. As far as the hours, I would not be overly concerned. This is assuming you did a good job checking the machine out. You could take it to a CASE dealer and let them go over it thoroughly. It will cost a couple hundred, but repairs costs thousands so it is likely worth it to have a professional check it out if your concerned. There are some near hoes with under 2K that are selling in the mid thirties to low thirties. These are M series 2 machines. Products of zero work in this part of the country.

    One in particular had 300 hours 3 buckets, a hoe pac it was 580 Super M Plus for 43K. Great deal. Guy had to get out of it.
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    Yes it is a turbo machine. But I think the price is a little high. If it was a clean hoe I would say the price is ok. But this is just a average super L, no cream puff. I have seen some M series units with hours about the same for $26k. I have seen M's with 2000 hours on it for arround $29-32k. Don't worry about the 4 in 1 bucket either. As I was always told, "you can't miss what you never had".

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