1998 Ford F-150 4X4 Long Bed

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Green Team Landscaping, Dec 22, 2009.

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    Selling a maroon 1998 Ford F150 with 110,000 miles and 4x4. It has the single cab. It's in great shape, especially for the year! Absolutely no rust whatsoever, and no tears in the interior. It has the 8 foot long bed as I said above and the single cab. As is, the truck will pass inspection easily. I've had all of the maintenance done to this truck: just got the oil changed and the filters, and there are 2 new front tires and also the back ones are in great shape! What else.... I've taken really goos care of this truck while I've owned it, and babied it because I paid every penny for this truck, so although I may be a kid, I have taken better care of this truck than most adults do with theirs. The only reason I am selling this is because I am going to need a bigger truck for next season when I add a dump insert and pull heavier loads. Also, there is a keyless entry for the vehicle and a remote start. I am asking $7,000 o.b.o, and I'm located in Amherst, NH. One last thing... This truck has NEVER BEEN PLOWED WITH!!

    Please reply to this or call (603)-769-0514 if interested.

    I don't have pics right now, but when I get them I will upload them.
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    I added power windows + locks and a couple other options. Now I might have missed a couple options as you did not state it, but this should give you a realistic idea of what you should be asking. Not trying to piss you off or anything, but this should give you an idea. $7000 is not even in the right neighborhood (I realize that you did say obo though, but still)

    Hope I'm not a debby downer too much, good luck with the sale and Happy New Years!
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    Hope you get your price, I just bought at 97 F250 4x4 with a 2 year old plow here in PA for $8000 and I think I paid a bit too much. I still have a 96 F150 2wd that I haven't been offered more than $1700 for. For that price I will keep it, never let me down.

    Good luck! The old truck market should come back soon enough, the price of newer used, and brand new will go back up when the 09 inventory and rebates die down.

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