1999 chevy 3500 4x4 dump

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Ethanslawn, May 8, 2012.

  1. Ethanslawn

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    I am looking at buying a chevy 3500 dump 4x4 the concerns i have with the truck are it has a 350 engine in it. I know it isnt going to be a speedboat considering its a dump but wondering if that engine is decnet at pulling a 14` landscape loaded with 2 mowers and 1-2 push mowers and misc. tools. THe truck does have a plow and spreader on it but i was wondering if there are any real problems with the truck. It has 135,000 on it and dont believe it has had a rebuild on either engine or trans, guessing 4l80e is in it, also wondering about mpg guessing 8-9 on a good day loading or is it worse. The price is decent and shape of truck is better than most. Wondering though if this would be a well enough truck for mulch, brush and leaf removal. Or would i be better off looking for something with a little bit more power.

    Any input is much appreicated.
  2. TriCountyLawn

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    Maybe im a lil partial however the 350/4L80E is pretty proven. Depending on year you will be looking at the standardish fixes on those trucks like the fuel pump, intake gasket and water pump. Far as power goes, I cant imagine needing more power then that however I know alot here would disagree. Good luck.
  3. Ethanslawn

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    I have an 02 chevy with the 6.0l (400 I believe) its done I have asked of it with power to spare just wondered about the smaller engine in a bigger truck. I figured if something did happen to the engine being overworked or etc. Down the road figured I could swap it or rebuild it with more power and torture. Appreciate this is my first just don't wanna buy a lemon. Figured the basic as with all chevy trucks would be needing replaced.
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    Do you know the bed size? We have a 99. 4x4 dump. Imo kinda a dog. But I don't drive it a lot the engine hasn't given us any issues so far. But another truck with same engine has given us problems. But all in all your typical gm issues. I would be asking if trans has been rebuilt. Being a plow tk, its bound to happen
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  5. Ethanslawn

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    im guessing its a 8-9ft looks like a marauder bed and i guessing the engine and trans are on their way out probably time for a rebuild, or until it atlest gives me trouble.
  6. ProStreetCamaro

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    Here is a rundown on things to think about.

    That 5.7 vortec is $2000 brand new from GM. So when the engine gets tired and needs rebuilt you are better off just dropping in the OEM full warranty crate motor.

    The 4L80E trans is one of the best transmissions any company has ever built. They will handle what ever you throw at them and tend to last a long time. They are not cheap to replace (in the $1800 range for a quality rebuilt unit)

    The 5.7 vortec has a spider injection setup that tends to get clogged over time. GM came out with an updated spider that has 8 individual injectors which fix's that issue. The 5.7 also will have the intake gaskets start to leak coolant. Fel-pro and GM both came out with updated gaskets which solves that issue. The 5.7 vortec in 3/4 and 1 ton trucks are 4 bolt main roller cam engines. You really have to dog them extremely hard to hurt them. It is a very good engine. Much better than the ford engines of similar years. The 4.6, 5.4 and V10 are all turds that like to consume excessive amounts of fuel, make very little power and they like to spit spark plugs out of the cylinder heads. :laugh:
  7. johnslandscaping

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    I have two of them both run 100% one has rust issues make sure to check fame and brake/trans lines for rust. I pull a 18 ft enclosed does great and can't even tell when I have the 14 ft open on either one.
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