1999 Custom Trailer for sale.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ccoolscrib, Mar 31, 2008.

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    Email for pictures at ccoolscrib@aol.com "subject" 99 Custom Trailer For Sale.
    I'm asking $4000.00 but am up for swap/ and negotiations. This trailer is 100%. All new brakes, 90% tires, new springs for all four gates. Two at the end, one at front on either side approx. 60" wide. 22 feet of decking, approx 5 feet of tongue. Approx 72 wide decking, 4 custom boxes, two one either side, and a nice 2 x 2 x 60 toolbox on front of trailer. There is a string trimmer rack on the driver side thats holds 3, and one on the passengers side that hold 2. Have had this trailer since new, only reason for selling is we purchased a used enclosed trailer last spring and no longer need this one. The trailer is rated at 10,000lbs, both axels have new brakes. Is currently inspected until Sept. of 2008. All work has be done through, "The Truck Shop", which is a tractor trailer garage.

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