1999 Walker MDDGHS Diesel 48"

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    1999 Walker Model MDDGHS 48". This unit is set up with the diesel motor, 48" GHS bagging deck, light kit, speed-up kit, dual tail wheels and low profile tires. This machine has approx. 1700 hours. The hour meter quit at exactly 1599 and was replaced with a new model digital hour meter. The hydros were both replaced under Walker factory warranty at 1400 hours. I do not have paperwork to this effect, and I have had no luck in getting it from the Walker, I have been told that they don't keep that kind of records. Anyways, they run STRONG, and still pump hard. No complaints with this mower. Deck gear boxes have both been replaced in the last 100 hours. In the last 2 years I have put on a new starter, alternator, overflow res., coolant temp sensors, all circuit breakers, battery, emergency brake systems, deck chute, and more. ALL maintenance, both scheduled and otherwise, has been completed by the local walker dealer. Everything works on this machine and it still looks great. Research the diesel motor and you will find that they last a lot longer than their gas counterparts. Local walker dealer valued at around $5500, so that's where the bid starts. I am willing to negotiate, I need to go ahead and sell as soon as I can. I also have a 62" side discharge and ALOT of extra parts that I will include with this sale. Email me for a complete written description of this machine. Thanks for looking

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