19HP FH580V Burning oil at startup, need help!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BetterLawnNGrdns, Oct 7, 2010.

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    I have a 52" RH Stander thats about three years old with just a little over 1000 hours on it. In spring when my guys were out cutting with the Stander they were mowing a lot of houses with cottonwoods. The cottonwood seeds clogged up the flywheel and all around the heads and it blew a head gasket. Took it to a well known landscape equiptment shop by my area and had them replace the head gasket since I didn't have time because we were working 14 hour days in May. Long story short, ever since I blew that head gasket the engines been burning oil when it cold starts in the morning which started as a little blue smoke and has progressivly been getting worse and worse. The smoke stops after the engine warms up after about a minute or two of running. I finally had some time (since its been so dry here in Chicago) to tear the engine down and take a look at everything. The valves and piston head were COATED with carbon and burned up oil. Other than the heads and valves being unbareably dirty everything looked almost brand new, so heres a list of what I did to see if it would fix the problem.

    1. Replaced piston rings
    2. Replaced Both head Gaskets
    3. Replaced all valve seals
    4. Cleaned pistons and cleaned all the valves
    5. Cleaned Carb & replaced air filter
    6. Blew out fuel lines and replaced fuel filter
    7. Replaced engine breather filter & Gasket
    8. Replaced OHV Gaskets
    9. Changed spark plugs
    10. Cleaned out the entire engine and crankcase and put all fresh Penzoil 10W-30

    And to my surprise there was absolutely no change with the engine burning oil at startup. But it does run and sound a little better. I explained to the kid at the service counter everything that was wrong and what I did and all he said to me was "It sounds like your burning up oil, you should look into just buying a new engine." haha NO SH!T DUDE!!!...... So has this happened to anyone or does anyone have any idea whats wrong??? The only other thing I can think of is the heads are bad, the cylinder is warped or the valves are bad. Im looking into buying a 23hp kawi to replace this engine for next spring but I've already dumped three days and about $300 in parts into this engine so I'd hate to have it go to waste. Also I've heard that SAE30 oil is better than 10W30 for these engines? Is this true and is this maybe contributing to the problem. -AP

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