19HP Kawasaki that shuts down

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Turfman999, May 12, 2013.

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    I have a 19HP Kawasaki engine on an Exmark Zero-turn that has been super until now. After running on several cuts it will just quit from high throttle. It acts like it is getting hot. I will have to wait 5-10 min before it will restart. Both engine coils were replaced last year. The fuel filter visually looks OK with fuel in it. It now has 1500 hrs. but I would like to keep it if possible without too much repair work. It has never died from low throttle. Does anyone have any ideas of when to start? Are there any low cost overhaul items that would be worth doing?

    Thank You in advance.
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    could be coils again check the fuel pulse pump and the fuel sending unit on the bottom of the carb .
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    Either spark or fuel. When it dies. Put a spark tester on it and rule out spark or fuel
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    This is a copy of a post from another site that is almost exactly what I have experienced.

    I have an Exmark Lazer HP w/48" Deck, 19.0 HP Kawasaki - Model FH601V , it now has 300 hrs. The mower always started fine and had been running perfect. Within the past mowing season, the engine started to frequently die after about 30 minutes of use (switching valve over to the other tank doesn’t make a difference). If I catch it dying and mess with the choke and throttle it will kind of sputter for a few seconds but I can’t make it recover even though it seems it might. If I let it sit for several (maybe 10 minimum) minutes it starts back up fine and runs perfect again. Then it might sputter out (sometimes as little as a couple of minutes to 20 or 30 or even it just keeps running without any sputtering out). Since this started I have, changed oil and filter, replaced the duel element air filters, cleaned out both saddlle tanks of any sediment and made sure I had a free flow of gasoline to the fuel filter (checked both tanks), replaced fuel filter (made sure direction arrow was heading in right direction), replaced the pulse type fuel pump, replaced the (2) spark plugs (made sure of proper gap), completely removed any possibility of stale gas and filled with fresh fuel in both tanks. None of this has made a difference.
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    Sorry to hear you are having challenges. You can contact our customer service team at 800.667.5296 and they can help troubleshoot. Please be prepared to provide your model and serial number.

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