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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Jim@MilkyWay, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Hey you guys
    I axed Dr. Google about free on-line manuals for B&S but am short on time as I am out the door to go see a client for a quickie; a little job I mean... I need a carb. for 11HP, synchro balanced mod. 252707, type 0687-01, code 85010911 on a JD R92 frame. will explain later. I will give $25 for one if I must.
    I also need to find out how to remove pull start "en-gager"(?) on crank shaft of Sears 8HP Roto Spader, mod 190402, type 0641-01, code 74012510, turquoise & red (rust red to be more exact). I assume there would be a set of points and a condenser under the fly wheel and I think I need access.
    I figure RestroRob knows these silly little things in his head. That's a compliment; Say thank you Jim.
    Oh yea, do you guys know how to say "cut the grass" in French? Or maybe it's Cajun.
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    Thank you Jim ;) First off I havn't found any on-line Briggs manuals either so lots of luck. As for getting to the points on that 8 hp, I don't waist my time anymore. I install one of these; http://www.briggspowershop.com/Brig...ts&Catalog=BriggsAndStratton&ProductId=394970 Just snip the small wire going under the flywheel as far up under as possible and leave the points in place, No need to pull the flywheel.

    As for the carb. on the 11 hp ; http://www.briggspowershop.com/Brig...ts&Catalog=BriggsAndStratton&ProductId=491026 If you can get one for 25.00 you need to jump all over that one.
  3. dforbes

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    I bought a sevice manual cd on ebay a couple of months ago that covers all sizes of engines. you can sort by type of equiptment it is on, look it up by hp or look it up by numbers. Really worth the money. Don't remember exactly but around 10 bucks.

  4. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Thanks for the replies, guys.
    I am out the door to feed the critters, as the good DR. called me to work the observatory tonight and tomorrow night, but I do want to check with you about the manual on cd. I also want to know how the magneto ignition kit works. Do I still need points? If not, then how does the ignition timing work? I did a very shallow internet search to find out how it works, but did not have but a few minutes to work on it. All I found out thus far is how easy it is to add it to my shopping cart.
    Oh, err, ..uhmm, BTW, that would be "Mow 'de lawn".
  5. Restrorob

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    This shows the install on a twin cylinder but it will be the same on your 8 hp.
    It does state to remove the points and plunger and install the plunger plug, But it's really is not necessary if the points are left in place.

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  6. Jim@MilkyWay

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    "Mow 'de lawn" Ya get it?!

    The problem still seems to be that I need to remove the flywheel, I think and it won't come off, I don't think without removing said en-gager from front of crankshaft.
    Well, I'm off to the planetarium then observatory.
    See you guys this weekend, maybe?
  7. oldrustycars

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    theres a way to remove the flywheel without the 2 special tools. the trouble is, if you are NOT experienced on briggs engines, you'll probably mess up the starter clutch or the flywheel. if you ARE a briggs mechanic, you'll have the tools already. im sure Restrorob could remove these all day and never break one, using channel locks, two screwdrivers, and a ball peen hammer. i'd suggest you buy the starter clutch tool, and a flywheel puller, if you insist on ignoring restrorobs advice about installing a Magnetron.
  8. Restrorob

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    Stop thinking for a minute Jim and read, You do not have to remove the flywheel to install a Magnetron ignition
    module on your existing coil if performed as I suggested.

    Now, Say thank you Restrorob.....
  9. Jim@MilkyWay

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    Yes Sir,
    Squueeeze Me,
    And _Thaannkk You_ RestroRocket.
    Now take a deep breath, calm down and cool your after burners. I just like to be head hammered :hammerhead: before I finally get my mental ducks lined up. I did not, (Have not, actually) had time this week or week-end to compare my engine to the pdf fig.s 1&2. I just noticed that fig. 1 showed the "breaker point and condenser area" which I figured was under flywheel, and, without studying, thought I must need to access it. No response necessary as I realize now, that, as you stated, the new kit connects somewhere to my coil. I promise to think about it a little more carefully next time, and not fire off a response so quickly.:usflag: :drinkup:

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