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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ducnut, Dec 9, 2013.

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    Really nice set up ducnut…Glad to see you're starting your own thread…maybe my thread will get a little of its thunder back.:laugh::laugh::laugh: Just kidding.

    As you already know, I also believe it is always a good business practice to keep everything clean and always present a professional appearance.

    Why the two different business cards?
  2. ducnut

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    Haha. With you living there and having intimate knowledge of the area, those are all communities. To me, it's just Tampa. But, I was actually thinking the Clearwater area. I used to be in that area, nearly every Monday. I've vacationed in Dunnellon and like it up there, but, there are no jobs/prosperity.

    Do you see a spray-foam operation making it, down there?

    Same here. As I've posted elsewhere, I'm invited into people's homes for lunch. I do odd jobs and car detailing for many of them. A hack isn't going to get the same reception. And, I simply don't want to be in bid situations against those guys, either.

    Thank you.

    Let's all bring up the industry image and rates, so we can all make a decent living. ;)
  3. ducnut

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    LOL! You're too much.

    Heck yeah. You wouldn't be in the properties you're in, if you weren't. We don't even have homes like that, here.

    If I'm in Springfield, Decatur, or their surrounding communities, having my actual hometown implies I only work in Taylorville (~40 minutes away). People sometimes think that, as I received some feedback to that effect, so I had the generic version printed. This is really important, if you work with realtors in other communities, as their agents many times need property services for a client listing and don't have a partner to turn to.
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    Really nice setup. I love the color schemes that you chose and the inside of your trailer is top notch. Shirts and uniforms look great also. I started pulling a enclosed trailer this year and I'm trying to decide on whether to get it wrapped or custom paint job. I try to keep my equipment looking good (not as good as some) and I have nice shirts, hoodies and longsleeves shirts for the Fall/Winter and we wear khaki pants while mowing. The professional image has definitely took us to another level in the eyes of our customers. Something else I did, was three years ago, I changed my company name to Maintainz Property Services(Previously Clean-Cut Lawn Care). By doing that, it opened up so many more doors.
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    I don't know too much about the spray side of the business but I would think that it would be difficult for a small op to make it, all I see around here is the same three massive companies spraying peoples yards. I don't remember the last time I saw a small operation spray guy in one of my neighborhoods.

    I've had clients do the same thing and it's a great feeling. Many of my clients trust me so much that they don't even ask for estimates on landscape jobs etc.. They just say "make it look nice and send me the bill." It's pretty cool.

    I agree, I really wish I saw more lawn guys out and about in nice trucks with nice equipment and looking respectable. I make good money on my yards but I can tell you, I would have A LOT more yards already if I wasn't "so expensive" as some people have told me. Too many $20 a cut hack jobs rolling around with a 21in push mower in the trunk of their Toyota Corolla :rolleyes: I went on craigslist the other night and searched for lawn services and 98% of what I saw was stuff like "lowest prices in town" "fast and cheap" "lawns cut for as little as $10 per mow." I give it about a 60/40 chance I get a yard when I am called for a estimate, the number one response I get is "well the guy I called before said he would do it for $80 a month." To which I go on to explain that one gets what one pays for. $80 a month yards looked like they've been mowed, my yards look manicured.
  6. ducnut

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    Thank you.

    The color scheme was just the fact I already had a black truck. The rest was the sign guy's doing. Seeing his work, compared to other signmaker work, showed a pinstriper's "flair". He's done numerous fire trucks and used that as an example of what he was thinking, as he described his idea of "pop". He definitely sees things differently.

    The important thing to remember with a wrap, is to make sure it's not too "busy". I've seen so many where the company logo is lost in the graphic. Paint is huge money; even for just the raw materials.

    For sure, an enclosed trailer will pay for itself in advertising. I have people tell me all the time "I've seen your trailer.". Even if they don't utilize or even know me, I know I'm getting exposure.

    Initially, I wanted "Property Services". But, it just didn't roll off the tongue right. I had two, single-syllable words followed by two, two-syllable words. It seemed a bit long. However, I agree with it opening doors and wish I could've done it.
  7. ducnut

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    Oops! I should've clarified.

    I meant spray-foam insulation operation.
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    I hate too say it but my truck has never been that clean, I wear a collar shirt but my pants alaways seem to have holes in them, people laugh at my hats...........but I do make the yards look real good.

    How often do you clean that rig, Im guessing a little everyday?
  9. ducnut

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    It just depends. I keep everything waxed, usually monthly (an orbital machine is the key to doing it quickly). For sure, the truck and trailer get washed every week. If I get caught in the rain or something, I'll wash it up before I put stuff away. If things are regularly kept clean, they're easier to stay on top of. I tell my detail clients the same thing; let me keep a regular schedule, it costs them less per service, and they always have a clean vehicle.
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    Do you have a mobile detail business also?

    Ive though of doing other stuff but when spring hits I don't have time to think. I have a shop that's fully equipped for automotive repair, 10 years ago I was real busy <part time>. I think of getting it going again but like I say come spring Ive been estremely busy ths last few years,>thankfully>

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