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    I am just starting out in the business and have been reading this site for a while. It has been a big help to me since I am just getting started. Here is my question. My son just moved into his newely completed school. I was helping them move with my lawn service trailer and the principle saw my signs on the trailer. She ask me if I wanted to bid on servicing the property. Of course I said sure. This would be my biggest gig yet. It is 2 1/2 acres of grass needing mowed and trimmed. It has no trees and all flat except for around a retention pond. I am not sure how much to charge? She is excepting 3 bids and I really would like to nail this one down. As I said I am just starting out and I do not have alot of equipment. We have a 42 inch mtd rider we use and a 22 inch craftsmen push mower plus trimmer and blower. It would be my dad and myself. I Know this is not much to work with equipment wise. But I wanted to have some work to create money before I purchased the good stuff. I thank you for any help you pros could give me on getting this bid. Sorry so long..
    Oh and yes we are insured and licensed.

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