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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JMcDaniel, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. JMcDaniel

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    Hello everyone,

    This will be my first year of doing lawn service. I have a couple of years experience working for someone else in this field, so I know what to expect workwise. However, I am a full time college student and although I already own all the equipment I need, I don't have too much set aside for advertising. I plan to run an ad in the business section of my local paper all summer starting next week, send out letters to small business owners and put out flyers. Of course I will be trying to get business one on one also. I think that will be the most effective.

    Heres the deal. Not too much money left to spend on flyers right now, so I want the one I put out to be effective. Here is my first try. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    Oh yeah, I know the logo is too far down on this image, but that happened when I converted it to a smaller file. On the full size page it looks right.

  2. PRapoza451

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    Make sure you run your spell checker. I noticed a couple of errors. When I read an ad that is misspelled I immediately have a negative impression. Just my pet peeve. We occasionally send out stuff that is misspelled, nobody's perfect, but it is very rare.

    Drop the "Dependable" and "Quality" everybody says that. Prove it to people and they will say it for you to their friends. Remember you are selling you not lawn mowing, etc... Your right about "one on one" selling being the best way to get new clients. Tell everyone you know about your new venture. And I mean everyone. Even your cousin that lives in Alaska. You'll be surprised, he might know someone that needs lawn service in your area. Telling everyone also creates an "energy" and excitement about what your doing. Make sure you are excited about it and are always positive when speaking to others about your new venture. It'll start slow but build into a wave so be patient and positive. Good luck!!!
  3. PRapoza451

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    If you really want to get peoples attention at the top say something like " Free Round of Golf!" with every season long lawn contract. Then go down to the local country club and make a deal with them. How much does a round cost $30.00 to $50.00 at a public course. Give them the certificate towards the end of the season. The Golf Clubs "off season"=lower rate for you. Sign up season long contracts with a minimum of $750.00/season or whatever. Don't do it "by the cut".
    People who are interested in Golf are usually wealthy but everyone, including wealthy folks, like to get something for free. They may already have a country club membership but may have never played that "public course" and now have an excuse too.
    Be creative when advertising "marketing". Don't do what everybody else does. Don't become a needle in a haystack.
  4. JMcDaniel

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    Thanks Paul,

    Fixed the typos. I didn't read over it too well when I made it. I changed the top line to "McDaniel Lawn Service". I know this isn't the greates name, but it's too late. I've gotten a DBA and some work shirts made with the logo on them. Wish I had read more about names on this post first!

    Do you (or anyone) have any suggestions on what to say instead of 'dependable service'? I'm sure it's over used, but I'm having trouble coming up with an alternative. "Quality Lawn Maitenance"? Maybe a slogan? Any input appreciated.
  5. PRapoza451

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    Try to think of the slogans that stuck with you. "Quality is job 1" Ford Co. "Smile" Coca Cola co. any others... Keep it simple and to the point. Make it Memorable. How about "Our reputation is Growing" Think up your own or modify one you've heard.
  6. SR Landscaping

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    Paul has some Great advice! Were was he when I needed him?
    I'm just going to tell you what was hanging on my door last week, and consider we have almost two feet of snow on the ground! This guy used three colors, and it looked kinda neat.

    Profesional Lawn Care
    At a Reasonable Rate

    Had a picture of a Very Nice Yard, mentioned Cleanups, Fertilization, and of course FREE ESTIMATES. It was Jims Lawncare. I might give old Jim a call.

    Cause being in this Biz, I hate DOGPOOP, ROCKS, LAZY WORKERS,
    But most of all:
  7. JMcDaniel

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    I changed it up a bit. What do you guys think. I like the idea of having more than just two colors, but I'm not sure if its in my budget. I definately want it look as profesional as possible, but I also would like to put out a large amount of these, maybe even two or three times in the same neighborhood. Also, what do you think of the free cut idea? Remember, I'm just starting out with practically no customer base, and I can't hurt the local trade by under charging. (Be cheating myself anyway) I like the free gold idea proposed by Paul, but this will be even cheaper on my pocketbook than pre-paying for 30 or so rounds of golf.

    Thanks for your comments guys. The support and advice on this site is incredible.

  8. djsmokin

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    That looks nice John. Let us know how your buy 4 and get 5th free goes. Dj
  9. yergus

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    never use i or my or me, use our, if someone is working with you it means that it is not his #1 priority, but yours alone.
    with a company it is always our
  10. JMcDaniel

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    Point taken Yergus. I'll fix it before going to the printers.


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