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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by A+ Lawncare, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. A+ Lawncare

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    i would like to know all of the different techniques on how to present yourself on first impressions w/potential customers, i have a few ideas of my own that i often use but want to know some other things i could be doing to land new accounts.....

    ex. when you go door 2 door in residential neighborhoods what's some of things you do when meeting new ppl? also the sales material you present them or things you carry along to show this guy "hey i'm proffesional and know what i'm doing" :cool2:
  2. bobbygedd

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    "what's up dude, you called about grass cutting? that be 30 bucks a pop, sign right here, write me a check for $159, don't give me no crap, and we won't have a problem. oh yea, and get that lawn furniture and sht out of the lawn by thursday."
  3. Ric

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    For a little guy you sure talk big. I guess you learn about the carry a big shovel and never listened to the walk softly part of Teddy's most famous quote.
  4. ECS

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    LMAO :D :D :D That is friggin funny. Thanks for the evening humor.

    First impressions are lasting impressions. The way you are dressed, groomed and the way you present yourself will make all the difference.
  5. Eddie B

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    Most customers I meet by helping them with something not related to lawncare. I'll meet them an get introduced to realatives friends and such. I acquired Microsoft certifications through my high school training, so I end up fixing computers for a lot of people and mention the lawn services as well. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and If you meet them on a friendly helpful note, you earn the respect.
  6. Toy2

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    Do anything except what I saw today, LCO mowing a bunch of duplexes, he had to weigh 280, white shorts, white wife beater shirt on trimming scrubs, wife or girlfriend 250 plus on the ZTR smoking a cigarette, Mexican dude walking with the trimmer...whole scene freaked me out...I will be carrying the camera, this stuff needs to be seen.
  7. A+ Lawncare

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    wow submit that kinda crap to funniest home videos, maybe the general public wouldn't care but all the "proffesional" LCO would vote at the funniest :dizzy:
  8. lawnman_scott

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    WOW that must have been a site!!!!
  9. nobagger

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    I never went "door to door" I just think that in itself is unprofessional,(just my opinion) but when I meet a customer for the first time I'm dressed in our co. polo shirt, introduce myself followed with a business card and start with small talk for a couple of minutes then get to the piont. Let them know what they are going to expect from us as a PROFESSIONAL lawn care company and what we expect from them, promt payments etc.
  10. chefdrp

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    i normally have an embroidered polo shirt and have pics and business cards with me. Clean shaven.

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