1st Irrigation install - where to start?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by kbremn71, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. kbremn71

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    I talked with a client yesterday about doing some landscaping at his lakeside home. He wants quite a bit of "low maintenance" plantings, some walkways and other projects. It should make for a nice project. He is also interested in some sort of irrigation system. I work in a small community with no local companies that provide irrigation installation services. In fact, this type of work isn't in high demand here. The property has some very basic irrigation needs, and I'm thinking that I could probably tackle the project myself, but I'm not sure where to get started.

    Basically, his landscape will be some plantings around the foundation of his house, a strip of lawn, ranging from 20' to 30', then a band of plantings around the lake edge then water.

    I am thinking that the plantings around the house could be dealt with by using soaker hose on a timer, cheap and easy to install, no maintenance for the client. That leaves the lawn and shore front plantings. As I said, the property is located on the lake so water usage isn't an issue, nor is run-off for that matter. It seems that a fairly simple system could be used to keep the lawn irrigated? Any thoughts on where to get started in reasearching my options, any thoughts from you on how my plan sounds?
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    Runoff is a tremendous issue in some lake communities, as lawn chemicals and fertilizers run into a lake, and, along with leaching from septic systems, help along the process of eutrophication, which can lead to the 'death' of a pond or lake.

    Search the forum using the keyword "drip" to read posts about this form of irrigation.
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    first find out your water source, pipe size & psi, find the gpm if you can. After you get those those things cleared you can start designing the system
  4. Instant Rain

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    Take detailed measurements of the area to be irrigated. Include elevation changes, the location of the house, pavement and landscaping. Scan them into your computer and e-mail them along with local regulations for installing irrigation in your area. Also I need some information about the water source. regarding meter size and static water pressure taken from a hose bib @ the house and the elevation of that hose bib to the rest of the system. If you give me this information I will design a system that will work well without wasting water within a week. That is if your workmanship is good.

    My email is PedroJasso9284@hotmail.com
  5. jcom

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    Is "cheap" the definitive word for this system?

    A combo of drip and regular irrigation is in order for this one.

    Do it right or don't do it at all.

  6. olderthandirt

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    Am I missing something here? Pump and lake water does a great job
  7. kbremn71

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    No, cheap is not the definitive word, however, low cost maybe. First off, the water will be coming directlly from the lake using a pump so the capacity is whatever it will need to be.

    I was thinking soaker hoses for the beds, along the same lines as drip irrigation, perhaps set it up on a simple electronic timer. This would leave only the lawn to irrigate. This is a strip of turf that averages about 20' wide and runs the length of the house, about 60'. I'm not really sure what the installation of an irrigation system generally runs but it seems like it might end up being cost prohibitive for a landscape this small and simple?
  8. kbremn71

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    Once I get the plans started I will send you this information.
  9. turfman59

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    If there isn't any local company's, Check the Yellow pages for a contractor in your region. This customer will thank you down the road.

    My thoughts on getting started would be to do your first install on your own yard. Then after that maybe a couple of friends will let you help them do theirs. Your reputation is on the line here. Don't ruin it over biting off more than you can chew.
  10. environment

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    20 by 60
    thats like 2 heads
    so around $200 maybe, depending upon elevations and such
    just for the heads and such

    as far as the rest, you would need to decide on how you are gonna irrigate those beds, and I dont know what system you are attempting with pumping the water from the lake

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