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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by JROD, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. JROD

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    I am about to start doing my first landscaping job. It is going to be for my mom but I still want to make sure I do a good job and make her happy. I am also doing this for myself because I am thinking of going into landscaping after I finish college. I just want to make sure if I enjoy this type of work.

    Here is the deal. We had an old play-fort in this area when we were kids but we have all grown up now, so it is now just an ugly area with nothing there. I have attached an image and also outlined the border path with orange.
    I know my mom was interested in a vegetable garden and also privacy in this area. How can I create both of these in this area?

    I am thinking about planting a couple of raised planters for this area and fill the surrounding area with some type of much. Does this sound like a good plan? This still doesn't really solve the privacy issue though, what would you recommend for more privacy?

    Thanks much!

  2. RandyS

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    Jared, why not put a small table and a couple chairs in the corner for Mom to hang out at. Maybe on top of a little stone patio. Along the fence where the tires are she can plant some kind of climbing veggies like cucumbers or something, softens up the large fence.
    Where the orange line is you could put in some raised beds and a few tomato plants would give some height and privacy. Also can plant other veggies in the beds. Some mulch for the pathways might look good also. Or a lattice fence along the orange line and plants can grow on that also. Just don't block out too much sun.
  3. LB1234

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    I'd make a bunch of raised garden/veggie beds from pine boards. Place 3/4 Red Stone paths between beds for easy access to each. You could line the fenceline with roses or a climbing hydrangea. Could also make the area a rock garden. As far as privacy...privacy from what...your house? Seems as if you already have the fence in place.
  4. YardPro

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    i would change where the bed meets the fenceline. i think that curve is too tight.

    i try and sweep my bed lines off of fences so i can mow them with a rider easially.

    you've created a high maintenance area that will have to be string trimmed
  5. GetSomeGOJO

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    I don't know about the New Mexico Climate but a nice screening tree line is just the ticket (Leyland Cypress, personal fav.). Keep them topiaried close to the fence. As to patio, how big is the backyard, don't get carried away! Raised planter beds are easy to install, a cranky thing to maintain. Consider this as you move forward. If your mother really wants a gardening area, I would suggest using an edging materiel set in a trench right at grade level as something to seperate the bed from the turf. Ride a mower wheel right along this border piece. Also, underneath both the edging materiel and the gardening area, use plenty of landscape fabric and Roundup the bejesus outta the grass underneath it. Do you have acces to light excavation machinery (A skid steer, front end loader tractor)? If you do, consider excavating 6 inches of the topsoil out of the lowered planting area, then filling with 12 inches of enriched soil (translate, used potting soil from a local nursery) Till it into the topsoil like a madman!

    This is a little rambly...Give us more details
  6. JROD

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    Thanks for the help everyone! I am pretty anxious to get this started. This is going to be one of those here and there projects but I will be sure to post some pictures whenever I finish this job. Once again, thanks for the advice!

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