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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawncare3, May 12, 2003.

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    I have a tiny area to landscape ( about 4x6ft) and the customer doesen't want to spend much I am going to be removing the old bush (dead) and reusing the old rocks.

    I am wondering what would be 3 LOW cost plants that are drought tolerant and able to be put in a area with a lot of clay?

    I am estimating this job to be approx 1.5 hrs what would be an appropriate price or how do u price things?

    I am going to b posting pics later of the area.

    Also there are no nurserys around here that are very affordable so, does home depot sell the supplies?


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    Home Depot should have a selection of plants that will work in your area plus all of the supplies that you would need. I wouldn't expect a Home depot in region 4 to sell region 9 plants but then again you never know with these franchises.

    My guess it that dependent on the size you are looking for you could go with some Rhododendrons and some Hosta. Not sure of their specific drought tolerance level but it has been very dry u pin my area and there have been water restrictions in place and these plant have done rather well.

    I would say labor cost should be around $85 plus materials this is including removing the old bush (Can be a pain and take a ton of time) prepping the bed then install.

    Hope this helps you out.

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    How much sun? What side of the house is it on? Where is it in relation to other things on the property?
  4. Green in Idaho

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    NOT drought tolerant!

    Denver has one of the most progressive and wonderful xeriscape (drought tolerant) resources in the country with their dept of water and a few of the universities there.

    Whereas you are just starting out you might consider developing youself as a specialty of xeriscaping. Grab a few books, go see the demo gardens in the area, visit the nurseries and ask about drought-tol plants, surf the Web, and learn everything there is to know for your area and 5 years from now you may be flush in business and in high demand. Xeriscape is a wonderful niche market and it will expand in the future.

    As for your current spot, one or two shrubs and a couple flora to add some color and interest. As for exact ones, coordinate with the color of the house and the rocks in the bed. Color, size, sun aspect etc. Throw in something else like driftwood or antlers or something owner relates to. Suggestions are hard because someone may rec something that is not available at your nursery supplier-- then you got nothing. AND most east of the Missipp don't understand the Colorado environment so many others don't understand real drought-tolerant.

    So either surf this wonderful Internet and get some choices you would like based on what the customer might like/enjoy and then take those to the nursery and ask "do you have___." Or just go to the nursery and ask for their suggestions, that's why you go to a nursery instead of Home Depot.

    Expect shrubs in the $20-$30 range depending on uniqueness and size. Gallon pots flora $8-$15. It is STANDARD to always mark up your plant material too, usually 50-200% depending on situation. Since this is your first, it's small and he wants cheap.. list plants on the invoice as $xxx and then subtract a "prefered customer discount" to make him feel special & let him know the price in the future.

    Plants $ 115
    Preferred dist -30.

    If he wants a plant guarantee add soem of that that $30 back on usually your cost of 1 of the plants. Plan for one to die if he wants a guarantee. Even at that, dont' worry about preping and babying the plants if you get good droughts-- they're tough. Make a hole and drop em in! Don't screw around with fabric either. Use granular weed control if there are weeds.

    Home Depot is going to say something generic and lame like potentilla. For the extra couple bucks the nursery is worth it, esp since you are missing the info that you seek. Many nurseries offer a discount to professionals, Home Depot doesn't. But probly not on 3 plants. Although starting to get to know them now is going to help you later. So after disc. it may be cheaper anyway.

    Make a unique statement in that little plot and the property owner's guests will be asking "who did that?"
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    I have found through my vast experience of dealing w/tight asses that if the man wants you to save $ on a 4x6 job then you'll be much happier in the long run running away from the job and letting him find someone else to aggravate the hell out of.
  6. the scaper

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    daddy rabbit that was funny, also true. but i think i would at least take a stab at telling the man $250 -$300 before i walked.

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