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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Target Lawn Care, Feb 11, 2005.

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    You could use this logo on some items and then another, but similar one for other print jobs. Tony is right, you are going to get killed on print jobs...especially the ones like truck signs and yard signs....high dollar. Most cross hairs on a scope of centered. I know you intend for it to look like the letter "T", but it doesn't. At first glance I thought the name of your business was Arget. I do like the name Target, the idea and concept of the logo.
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    i understand what you mean... but my train of thought was to have the logo on flyers that will be handed out to potential customers. we already have a handful of customers but we havent done any advertising yet. im not going to go out and buy equipment until i have an idea of how many weekly's we have, and the size of lawns we will be mowing. i dont see how designing my own logo is doing something out of order....it was in my free time on a day that it was snowing

    as far as the cost of printing goes, i have the material to do all my own printing so the only cost involved is paper and ink.
  3. Was my impression too

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