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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mrbenfer, Jun 4, 2003.

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    36" belt X-Marks are $1999.99 here, and they have (one left I think) Toro Hydro Floating deck 48" for $2999.00

    Shop around.
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    Hey Pottstim where in TN do you live?

    I am with mrbenfer I to am starting out and I already know the value of a commercial lawn mower. I am trying to sell everything I can to get one. I want a 36" hydro but I know I can only afford a belt driven. You must crawl before you walk, is what my GRANDMOTHER would tell me.
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    I am located in Jefferson County, which is about 30 miles NE of Knoxville. There is something I want to share with you about my walkbehind buying experience. I came into it thinking I needed a 36" and I would be ok. After visiting different dealers in the area, I found that most of them stock little if any 36's. They said there isn't a huge demand for them. If someone comes in wanting one, they will do a special order for them. I was shocked to see there was little price difference between the 36" and 48" when I was shopping. The difference was only about $300. I am talking belt driven here, not hydro. That is peanuts when you consider how much more productive you can be with a 48" opposed to a 36", so that is the route I went. If you can afford a few extra dollars I would go for the 48". But, I guess that all depends on the types of properties you mow. Hope I helped out some. Best of luck.
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    I've done over 30 customers with a 21" in the past, though I wished I had bought a walk behind! But with 12 customers it seems like it would take you a while to make the money back from a new one. How much do you make in a month?
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    i paid my commercial machine off with 4 customers! granted it was used, but still, saving yourself the labor and time will allow you to expand.

    I see you have a Toro 36" in your profile now, when did you buy it, how much, specs?
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    The 36" is the only thing I can use for small to average size lawns in my area. Nearly all of them have privacy fences that a 48" would never fit through. The Gravely dealer even told me that a 36" may not fit through all the gates, which is why they have a 32" model.
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    Go for it. I am also 17 and I got a used 48" hydro w/b with $200 grass gobler for under $2,000. I did two seaons behind a 20" mower and am really glad that I went for a commercial grade mower. Keep a 20-22" w/b for small areas, though because it isn't always possible to get a bigger mower into certain areas. Do you have a trailer to transport a commercial w/b?

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