1st new guy i seen all year

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, Apr 8, 2001.

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    i seen my 1st new guy the other day, he was stealing my tarp idea for leaves, it didn't bother me much but i felt bad for him cause was was kinda small and loaded way to many on it, (by the way i was across the street) so i asked him if he needed help, and i helped him load it on his truck. nice kid, but he just isn't gunna make, he had to be doing a $350 spring clean-up and was probaly going to charge $100 and be real happy. i was wondering how he fit his 21" push mower in his bed with leaves hanging out on all 3 sides. oh well

    also i talked to another new guy,he's from my city and goes to my high school and was looking for some advice on how to set afew basics up. i gave him some information and warned him about low-balling and to make sure he does evry job right if he wants to stay in business.

    sad thing is that both of these kids are not going to make it the whole year i can see it already, they just don't have the mind set for what we do.
    do any of you guys incourgae new guys of young age because you don't think they will make it then be able to take their yards from them when they call it quits??????
    sorry this post is so long and makes nosense at times, its just been a long day.
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    I think you should take the time to try and help them. It was very commendable that you helped the one guy doing the clean up across from you. Another "HIGH 5" for helping the guy from your school. One day they may return the favor. Continue to take the time to educate them in pricing, how to do things better, so on and so forth. They may get into the "groove" and even end up working for you one day. What better employees can you have than those trained to do things exactly as you like them to be done? Keep in mind you are just a "kid" also and have gotten a ton of help as you have gotten where you are today. Keep out your helping hand. It will pay off in the end.

    If they make it in thie business you have yourself a great, long term, business relationship that may benefit you 5, 10, 15+ years down the road. You never know where these guys will end up or where your resources will come from later in life. You can't have to many friends that you know and truly trust.

    If you befriend these guys and they drop out, they will most likely just give you the yards. What do you have then? More yards and two new friends. What's not to like? You are in a "win-win" situation and they don't come along to often.

    Take care & good luck.

    PS. Advice from an "old" guy to a young guy... If you keep making money hand over fist, you need to get bigger and better tax breaks... Go to college, work your butt off, save your money and buy a house! I promise you no one with any sense at Lawnsite will tell you that is bad advice.
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    Another pice of advice from an " old " guy. Start a 401k program and be a millionare by the time you are 40 years old. Talk with a good accountant/ advisor as to which way is best to go. Start saving!!!! I wished I had listened to my elders a lot closer along the way.Years go by very fast.

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    Hey Joshua
    Im a 18 years old, with a small lawn mowing/landscape maintenance company. Me and my brother are the two workers along with my dad (sometimes). I have talked to the "Big boys" in the area about me starting up my business, they say that its great u are doing that but you have to remember sometime down the road you personaly won't be out doing that stuff, u will end up doing paper work and having employees doing that for u. I love doing my work right now but who knows in like 30yrs down the road. Right now i have about 8 residental accounts and two commercial accounts. I have been cutting grass for about 5yrs now. Both of the commercial accounts r for apartment complexes. I just got a big apartment complex this past spring, by bidding in on it and beating two other companies. The reason, i was the lowest bidder. Though i found out that i was fairly close to the other bidders so im not going to lose money. Most of my money goes to paying for the gasoline/miscelaneous expense and the rest goes into my mutual funds for my future use. I have the equipment for the job and some great experiance with taking classes at my high school on landscaping and greenhouse management. Also by working at the local golf course for two years too. I plan on going to college for landscape horticulture and then expanding my business.
    The things that will make a business grow is education, experiance, money, and great workers. Now thats coming from a 18year old but hey what do i know, im young lol.
    There's always room to grow in this business as long as you have the help!!! Sorry for the long Post.
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    There is nothing wrong with a long post as long as you are saying something useful... I think both you and Joshua met that requirement.

    Keep up the hard work and good luck!


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