1st New ZTR, Thanks Everybody!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gravedigger5, Aug 1, 2002.

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    Just got my 1st ztr yesterday, and wanted to say thanks to everybody here at LS. I spent many hours here doing searches and asking a few questions. all the info you guys (and gals) provided was a big help. I demo'd several of the more popular brands, and after what I learned here, realized the color of the machines didn't matter as much as did the dealer I was going to be working with. I ended up with a shop that was closer than most (only17 miles rather than 25 to 40), felt I could trust ( I have done business there before), and is offering excellent service. I realize all of you have your own personal preference as what ztr's are best, but my demo comparesons were based off of my 48" belt drive wb, you know apples to oranges. No matter what I got it would be better than the wb for higher production. By the way I got a 2002 Toro Z255 Kawasaki w/62" deck. Thanks again to everybody. Marc:blush:

    Are We Having fun Yet???:D
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    Sounds great. Hope you get many productive years of service from your new machine.:) :) :)

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