1st nut case customer

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Apr 5, 2010.

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    We called her last night to let her know we'd be out today to apply her 1st lawn app. So she calls in early this afternoon (during a rain storm). Here are the details:

    She was very upset, and she kept repeating herself over & over & over. Said she "stayed home all day long waiting for us to show up" to treat her lawn as she kept her dogs inside, and she had been "sitting on pins & needles". BTW she is always home & does not hold a job. :confused:

    We were under a severe thunderstorm warning, and we had been getting rained on for a while. I pulled my guys in at 1:30 p.m. (National Weather Service forecasted golf ball size hail, damaging winds, ground lightning & heavy rains).

    My guys started rolling in at about 2:00 to beat the dangerous weather, and I was thankful for this. She called our office at 2:30 telling us that we did not know how to run a business. I explained to her that I have to watch out for my employees due to lightning, hail, and heavy rains. I also told her that we watch the weather closely via National Weather Service warnings, radar, etc. She replied, "I have a computer & a TV too".

    Bottom line: She said, "Well.....I'll just wait until my husband comes home".

    This is a new customer who has bounced around between lawn services for several years. Now I can see why.

    I feel like posting her name & address on here. Any opinions?
  2. SeedPro

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    Send the tech out there that has curly hair. Tell her he used to have straight hair but greedy Larry sent him out in a thunderstorm with lightning.

  3. americanlawn

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    I hear ya. I get along great with her hubby cuz he's a Viet Nam vet. We'll see what happens. I'm hoping he wears the pants, but you never know. Soldiers who see action always watch out for their comrades, but when it comes to the wife ---- anything can happen. :laugh:

  4. Young Bros

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    Just like you Larry, we get a few of the bouncers, then find out why. Some stay happy and with us, some move on and I say good ridence.
  5. Runner

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    I read the title of this thread. Then, I saw who was posting it (with the experience), and the first thing I thought was 1st nut case customer?, or 1st nutcase customer of the YEAR? lol.
  6. kirk1701

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    So you have a nutcase?

    Here yu go, I'm a master of pic's by the way :drinkup:

  7. greendoctor

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    You know, the weather has not been all that great for me in paradise. For the past 5 months it has either been raining, extremely windy or a combination of the two such that the rain is driven sideways. Anyone that calls to ask about why I have not been around in the last 5 months is reminded about first the weather, then my DOA license and the responsibilities concerning applying in conditions that favor off target movement of product, then about how quickly I will fire someone who does not regard my license. They can go back to their unlicensed mowing guy who burnt holes in their lawn with MSMA or RoundUp
  8. thempikes

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    Laugh it off. I tell my guys and girls (in the office): Do not forget the good people we deal with that appreciate what we do for them. Don't let a few nuts ruin it for you. Those nuts have other problems.

    We had one just last week that swore we killed some shrubs. She had annual flowers and weeds growing right under the shrubs. Pointed out to her that they were alive and healthy but she didn't want to hear about that. Shrubs were damaged but not dead, they had winter kill.

    A customer is always treated with respect here but they are not always right. We get one or two every year.
  9. americanlawn

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    We ended up treating her lawn this morning. So far, so good. Good points you guys made....I can "roll with the punch", but I take offense when somebody shows no respect for my guys' well-being. We'll see how she treats us the rest of the year. She prefers A.M. applications, and we can do that.

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