1st oil change, pivot divot

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by herm, Aug 2, 2004.

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    I bought my HP 23/52 for residential use to reduce mowing time. Well I've been watering my lawn like crazy so I have an excuse to get on the HP. I just hit 8 hours and did the 1st oil change. Surprisingly I was able to hand loosen the nut that acts as a valve for the oil drain spout. I hand tightened the nut and as soon as I added oil it began to drip out. To stop the leak I had to tighten the nut by wrench with considerable force. I had to use a chain wrench to remove the filter because I couldn't find a filter wrench to fit.

    What size is that drain nut on the 23 hp Kawasaki so I can get a socket for it?
    Where can I find an oil filter wrench to fit?

    And am sure it's been posted before, but how do I avoid those pivot divots? I try to simultaneously reverse one wheel while advancing the other during the pivot. Any tips?
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    The valve should be tight enough you need to use a wrench. Don't overdue it though. Just snug it up. Oil filters can be a real pain. Too loose they leak, too tight they are a bear to remove. I must use a wrench on every oil filter I have. I've been using one of those nylon strap filter wrenches that attach to a ratchet on mine. I've had good luck with it.

    Often on very wet lawns or lawns with an inadequate root base you may need to come to a full stop, pull both stick slightly into reverse and then swing one forward while you continue to pull in reverse with the other. By doing this it ensures your getting the pivot wheel in reverse. I was working with a guy a couple of weeks ago and the only way we could get him to hit reverse with the pivot wheel was to have him pull both into reverse and then swing the mower around. Just a thought.

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    Terry, I put your suggestion into action with good results. Not one blade of grass wounded by the pivot wheel. Once my old divots fill in my lawn will no longer look diseased! Thanks for the tip.

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