1st patio and deck project, think I did good, critics welcome - pictures

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DynaMow, Dec 10, 2005.

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    My first ever patio, never even touched a paver before. I built deck, both patios, mulch beds, and installed mulch and plantings, my design. All work from start to finish was done solo. Took so time from start to finish as I had to work around my other lawn maintenance commitments.

    All comments welcome, and I do have a question.

    I charged $3800.00 for labor on these two patios (customer took care of all material). But there were some circumstances that dictated this price. My question is this, what should be the industry rate be. I have seen on here about $10 - $15 per sq ft for labor only, but as you can see there is a lot of cutting in this project with a circle kit and fire pit. Big patio is 18' x 20' small patio is 12' x 8'. How much would you experienced guys of charged for this project?





  2. DynaMow

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    Approx 24' x 16', 2 levels, all custom. Had exsisting 12' x 12' saved that deck, replaced bad boards, scraped steps, built new rail. net for deck project $4200.00





  3. DynaMow

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    Your work looks exellent...Great job!especialy for your first one..Looks like you had some xtra material left.Are you going to go ahead and bring the smaller pad all the way out to the end of the deck?
    I would have suggested that they do that.
    Real nice and clean.As far as your charge for the paver job goes your a little low IMO but it depends on what your market will bear.I would think more like $4500 to 5000
    You should ask if jodi will move this to the hardscaping forum for more replys
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    Thank you, very nice words, I want to do more. As for as making small one longer we are probably doing that in spring (was running out of time this season)

    Crap I am always screwing up, I thought I was there. Can you ask I think she is mad at me. :cry:
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    Great work and it looks good from the pics. Nothing like getting you feet wet with an easy one. :D You were a little low on the labor side but if it was tied in with the truck you can't complain. Looks like labor should be about 5k on that job. But to get to the 5k I would have been buying materials whls. and selling retail. It very competetive so if the customer was providing all materials I think you real close with $3800 labor only, specialy with the truck loan. and another net $4200 deck = 8k. Not a bad way to build the business and make long term happy customers. And as long as your happy with the profit and it keeps you in business and growing then the price is right.
  7. DynaMow

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    Thanks dude, that coming from you means a lot to me. Mac you should see it man, IT IS PERFECT. It looks so nice, not a gap anywhere, cut all radius solder course blocks, straight as can be, the right grade. And the deck, all posts are rabbit cut at rail connection, top spindle rail is rabbit cut for spindles to go into slot as to never twist, no exposed screw heads on whole deck (except flooring of course). I was so proud of myself and to be honest, went very smooth from start to finish (at least patio, had some challenges with deck construction, but I got it).

    I have to thank what this site provides, research started here before I ever jumped into it, and I had no surprises. Thanks Sean and all of the members here.

    Pics of cuts:


  8. stumper1620

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    I'll agree with Mac,
    beautiful job!
  9. Lux Lawn

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    Leslein Lawn
    Looks like you made some major inprovements in their yard.As long as both parties involved are happy then I'd say you did good.
  10. GreenMonster

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    Nice looking job. Especially for your first -- wow.

    A few things I might do differently.

    1. Maybe put the firepit in a corner -- gives more room to the patio area when the pit is NOT in use. Of course, you can't get as many people around it when you are using it, so, judgement call.

    2. I would have laid the pavers in a running bond. I think it breaks up the pattern better, plus, you don't have four rounded corners coming together, creating a good size gap. Other than that, it looks real tight.

    3. Did you cut a natural edge on the bed? hard to tell from the pics, but it doesn't look like it. I love a nice clean, sharp natural edge to seperate your mulch from the grass. It's a nice professional touch.

    Overall though, looks real nice. learn from it and build on it, and make the next one even better!

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