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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by dmolaver15, May 17, 2012.

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    hey guys, i come from the lawn care world, i'm new to pavers, and i've never built a walkway before. i have a pretty generic idea of how it's done, but I'm looking for some good advice on the best materials to use and stuff like that. I've built a couple of block walls at my work before using 8" retaining wall blocks and both have come out pretty good, so my dad asked me if i'd be interested in doing a walkway at our house.

    we want to do a pattern similar to this

    the walkway itself will be about 30' long, unsure on the width at this point, there will be 1 sweeping 90 degree bend throughout the whole walkway, but i don't think i want it to be an exact width throughout.

    my dad will be doing the block and material purchasing through a local concrete products dealer, and we will be going with a brand name paver (most likely a unilock or tech-bloc

    I'm looking for basic advice pretty much from the base up: is any processed crushed stone/gravel good for the first base layer at about 4" deep? then that is covered with 1-2" of concrete sand, followed by the pavers? is the whole laying electrical conduit as a screed guide a good idea? does the edging get installed before the sand, after the sand but before the pavers, or is it the very last? is any plastic edging material better than others? any special methods for installing? will laying the inner most blocks first and then building the edges off of that be better than laying the edges first and then laying the pavers inside? and i know ill need a saw with a diamond blade, but what kind of saw will be the best to rent?

    i apologize if it seems like i am asking a lot of very basic and stupid questions, but i want to do the best i possibly can with the best information i can get. i am confident that i will be able to do the work and i am on a somewhat unlimited time budget, but this whole thing will be somewhat of a learning process for me
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    also does anybody know of some good literature on the subject (guidebooks, online guides, etc)
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    In a nut shell here is how I do I do walks in GA. Excavate 7" from finish grade level, compact soil, geo textile fabric (wider than walk). 2" of crusher run compact, wet, compact, 2" more crusher run compact wet, compact. 1" screed rails (Steel conduit works well for me). I use m-10 quarry sand. Lay field pavers, mark curves cut while on ground with saw. Lay soilder course. Take a trowel or spade and cutt off excess sand on outside edge of soilder course. Install edging with a spike every 1' or so. Cover pavers with fine masonry sand 1/4" and compact (dont be scared).Sweep excess.
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    It's better to moist you base material before compacting, what we do is hose the entire pile and then spread it, let it soak the water for about an hour so is evenly.
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    In my opinion it is best to use water as needed. I dontthink it is a rule of thumb.
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    Yup, this Lawnsite platinum member only waters base as needed
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    How do you take water out when they deliver soup?:rolleyes:
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    If the truck shows up and water is dripping out the back you might want to look inside before they open the latch.:) DMO, 4" base is not adequate for the north east. Figure on going 6-8". I'd rather not host a seminar on soils right now so I'll leave it at that.

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