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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Kevjenty, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. Kevjenty

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    Hello all-
    Yes I am starting a project my wife says to finish(along with the others) Anyway, I have dug a 10 x 11 pond 24" deep. Backwalls are straight up and down, front of pond has some slant. Do I need to build a concrete wall along the inside to prevent it caving in? It's in pretty hard clay soil. I thought I'd frame up about a 2" wide wall and fill with quick-rite.
    Next...I am using a flexible liner. I also am building a waterfall. I was told to put the liner under the falls to prevent leaking. How do I do that- Thanks to all and great forum!:drinkup:
  2. LOUIE44

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    I don t think you would need a cement wall, the pressure of
    the water when the pond is full should hold it just fine.

    form your waterfall then lay the liner on top .
  3. WeatherMan

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    Man you need to hire a pro to do this for you.

    You have not a clue.

    First off you dug the hole wrong, it should step down not stright or slanted, second you build the water fall then place your liner. Then you need a skimmer, pump and some sort of biofalls to make the pond.

    Just spend the extra money and hire a pro!!!!!
  4. Kevjenty

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    Weather Man-
    Thanks for your concern, but I do have a clue. Step downs are not always needed nor used in all ponds. It's a great place for racoons and other such animals to set and eat your fish. I have a wonderful pond place near my home and I asked about the step-down. That's what they told me. All of their's are straight up and down. Animals won't go into deep water to get the fish. They actually use cinderblock as walls then cover with the flex liners. The rocks around the pond sit on top and hang over the cinderblock (sp). Also I'm very aware of pump, etc... I am getting an echoclear 2000 with the UV filter.
    The question about the waterfall seems easy to you but not to diys. Do you build a "hill" of dirt, cover with the liner then add rock??/ That's the confusing part. This forum is for help, not for people to tell you to hire a pro. This isn't seperating DNA, it's a pond... a fun project to be proud of. I know a lot more then you think, I just had a couple questions.
    Narcisim can be treated.
  5. Phishook

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    He probably just wants you to be proud of it.

    OK. This place you speak of that told you to dig the hole like that?

    Stay as far away from that place as possible! What you've said so far about them is exactly what you don't want.

    No you don't need a cement, or retaining wall under the liner. If the hole is holdinf it's self, it should be fine. But if you are working with sugar sand or other soils that wont hold, just back fill under the liner to MAKE YOUR SHELVES.

    Put the liner under the falls? Yes! Not on top!

  6. Phishook

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  7. Kevjenty

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    Thanks Phishook- it's just funny how many different people tell you different things- go to any forum. Are you sure the liner doesn't go over the rocks;) I just don't see how you can build a stable falls stacking rocks over a liner- I know that's the only way to do it..but anyway.....One other topic I see all you pros disagree on is rocks on the bottom. I believe aquascapes says to do it and other are TOTALLY against it. Both sides fight like cats and dogs---I guess there's more than one way to skin a cat ..yadda yadda yadda

    I also saw the guy who tore apart you little pond for your grandmother- pretty rude- I would have never used a plastic pre-form. but it looked good!
  8. Phishook

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    Wrong guy. Not my pond.
  9. Green Gopher

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    The pond retailer you spoke with is not off base about the shelves. I know weatherman and phishook will disagree with me but it comes down to basics. What are shelves for? They don't add to stability of the pond in any way. Shelves are placed in ponds for plants. A pond with no plants looks alot like a swimming pool and is unnatural looking. So people place shelves to give life to their ponds.

    Predators are a huge problem here in Washington. It is true sheer vertical walls reduce (not eliminate) the ability of the predators to feed. Blue heroin need to have there feet in the water to eat. Raccoons can swim but cannot swim and hunt. They too need to hold on to something stable before grabbing your fish. In most of the ponds I build for people who are going to be raising koi I install 12 th 18 inch deep shelves and drop vertically from there.

    Your wall problem is as phishook said not something to worry about. Water is very heavy and will hold most walls. People run into problems when building on hillsides and one side of the walls rises above water level. It doesn't sound like you have that problem.

    That is my two cents take it for that and good luck.
  10. WeatherMan

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    You can build the waterfall by placing a mound of soil then lay your liner then place your rock, and foam it all it, so there are no leaks. whla your done

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