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1st POST


LawnSite Member
Hey hows it going. This is my 1st post so bear with me please.
I have been reading all this great info u guys post (very helpful)
First I been in this industry for about 7yrs , this is going to be my 3rd year on my own. I'm cert. in NY . I was just wondering if I could get some feedback on my lawn program and services.

1. aerate & dethatch (1st week in april or weather breakes)
2. apply 13-3-7 fert w/ pendimethalin (right after above)
3. weekly mowing begins at end of april (3/4 week break)
4. weed control Millennium Ultra application (end of may/early june
5. apply 22-0-6 fert w/ .058% Talstar(surface insect)(late june/july
6. apply Mach 2 (1st 2 weeks in aug)
7. same as #4 (all through sept and oct.)
8. apply 26-6-20 fert (late fall)
9. spot spray all season long

Thanks for reading and responding. Your thoughts (postive/negative) are welcomed.


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Flint, Michigan
Do you do this program as a unit? Do all your places get this?

James Cormier

LawnSite Bronze Member
IMO I would drop the aer & dethatch in spring, I like when lawns are tined raked in spring ( before any pre m ) that seems to be less abusive than de thatching.

I would sell the aeration for a fall servcie, the fert program seems okay, not to many guys are doing blanket apps of surface insect, I was up until 3 years ago with dursban, now I selective on who gets it. I perfer Merit to Mach 2, thats only because I had a bad experince with it when it first came out in 98 or 99, and they didnt stand behind it too well.