1st Small backyard pond, fish? lights?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by scott015, May 3, 2002.

  1. scott015

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    I bought a small pond last night at Home Depot... anyway, I was wanting to put a couple fish in it... but was thinking... the pond is solid black... does in need any kind of light??? all fish tanks have lights and are clear... but yet all lakes,ponds are underground... so should my pond have a light for the fish?? what about a heater for winter? i live in Texas
  2. David Gretzmier

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    i'd go with a small aquatic light for looks and coolness for the fish. you need a small float type heater when temps drop below 25, fish are fine if the water chlorine is right. test w/ small feeder goldfish, 5 or 6. Dave g
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    You do not need to have a light fixture for your fish as the natural sunlight will be more than enough. The reason fish tanks have lighting is that a very limited amount of natural sunlight is able to get to them. You can however add an underwater light for pure asthetic reasons. You will need a heater as well as an ice melter if you intend on keeping the fish in the pond throughout winter and the depth is less than 36". The ice melter will leave a hole in the ice for access to dispense food to the fish.
  4. GSJ

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    I've been told not to feed the fish in winter. They say the fish
    can't digest it as they are almost in a state of dormancy in
    winter. This may not apply in a warm climate I'm not sure.

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