1st time bid at large commercial


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I gave a bid to a apt complex. Pretty large area. 2 large sections with large pool. At least 12 large flower beds, with hedges and weeds in all of them. I bid 34 mowings, 2 times mulching @ 8 cy., monthly weed spray, yearly fert program, mow and trim all sidewalk edges. pre M for all beds and blow off ENTIRE parking area. Bid: $675 per month. She said It may be worth that but I can't afford that. She'll use me every 2 weeks and try to get it around $400 per month. Well after reducing mowing times, 1 app of mulch, no pre m, $450 per month. Calls back and says thank you but we are accepting another bid. So I saw the property was started today. Mowed only, with some edging. What got me were the tracks of a 21" mower. Oh Brother, you get what you pay for..... I cant wait to see the shrubs and the beds "whenever" they get done. I want to do some commercial, but if theres no money there, I'll stick to residential.



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Schlepie....there is plenty of $$$ in commercial lawn and landscape. Stay away from Apt.complexes,,,,they are on a very tight budget due to new homes are so affordable and vacancy rates are climbing for apartments. Try getting businesses in complexes and things of that nature.