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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by A+ Lawncare, Apr 23, 2005.

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    :help: :help:
    hello all..... any1 out there who can create me a website or point me towards some very benefecial help..... i have me website info all done, just need some1 to lay it out, ect.

    i know nothing about it, but i do have everything ready to go...... email me @ simmsjr4@aol.com or drop a line on this post please

    P.S. i'm 17 and funds are slim to none.... and i need this done as in a favor... if any1 would be willing to take their time to do this i would be very very appreciated of it all, i'm not asking for a big complicated website at all rather a fairly easy site to advertise..... :waving:

    thanks in advance,
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    My suggestion to you,, would be to check out yahoo for a website.

    I got my address.. www.yardstop.com for a couple of bucks a year, and then I pay 12.00 a month for them to host the page, that I created using a templet of theres..

    But even if you have a website it doesnt mean people will be flocking to your page to give you work.. You'll still have to advertise the site.. just something to think about.

    hope this helps.. :waving:
  3. kc2006

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    I went with godaddy.com, it was cheap to get the name but its kinda pricey to have them host (or anyone else) it was 14 dollars for 2 years for the name but hosting is 4.95 a month, if you buy a whole year its 3 a month, which isnt bad but I dont wnat to spend a ton because the only place its advertised is on my business cards, flyers and I'm having a banner made for the top of my windshield and rear window of my truck. the godaddy site has a page creator thats real easy but you have to use their templet's cant use your own back ground, this is my website, took an hour to make with their site creator. www.kdclawncare.com
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    A slick site is very easy to do, but what you will want is a site that will be able to drive business for you. Since you are starting out, please feel free to contact me and I will be able to give you some free service from my company. email me at aaron@footbridgemedia.com

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