1st year and noticing lowballing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ozark, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. ozark

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    This is my first year out on my own. I have been on lawn site learning the tricks of the trade. I have also worked for three years for another company so im not brand new. I am however surprised by all the low balling this year. I always thought that the new guys were the ones that lowballed. I know the going price per hour in my area and thats what i charge so that i don't piss everybody else in my area off. There is a landscaping company that has been around for 5 or 6 years here that is low balling everyone in town on lawn mowing by at least 50 percent. The only thing that all of us can think is that they get their foot in the door then sock them with landscaping. They are one of the only landscapers in our town. They single handedly took four county jobs away from us all. One yard for instance was bid 105 and up by all other bidders except the one in question. They bid 68!!!!!!!!!! dollars. I was told not to get discouraged but its hard not to. I was told that they would run themselves out of business and i should just do a good job and get a respected name to help my business grow. I know everyone says the first year is the hardest and i so far have seen that to be true. I'm just glad i didn't start my business until i was financially able. Thanks i just needed to vent.:drinkup:
  2. bohiaa

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    the sad truth is that when they go out of business or do crappy work and the customers look for someone else. there will be a new startup company doing the same.....

    hang in there
  3. supercuts

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    $68 for a lawn is good amount, $105 is quite a bit, how big is this lawn??
  4. dKoester

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    That same exact thing happened this past week. I go out give an estimate on a property for 90 then the guy asked if I could do it for 70 per week because another guy said he'll cut it for 60. He said he couldn't get in contact with that other guy who gave that estimate either. For our quality your going to have to pay for it because its not free.
  5. OMG

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    Maybe they have low overhead and make just as much profits off $68 as you would $105.

    Who knows, it's possible.
  6. northwest lawn

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    So my crew pulls up at a lawn on Friday, easily8,000 square feet of turf, plus edging, and trimmin. This lawn takes about an hour. and i see a flyer laying in the turf, lawns as low as $24.95 (up to 15,000 square feet) i know what i get for my lawns i dont understand how someone can get that low of a price when it takes two hours to do a lawn that size, now mind you i run a 52" lazer on the front lawn, and a 36" w/b on the rear.
  7. mattfromNY

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    Dont get discouraged. Stick to your guns and everything will work out. Last year was my first, and I definately have less hair now than I did a year ago, but things seem to be smoothing out a little bit.
  8. 1MajorTom

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    2 hours to do a 15,000 sq ft lawn? really?
  9. J Hisch

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    2 hours to do 15K you have got to be broke.............hope you making a mistake by your quote
  10. dKoester

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    20-25 minutes here. Wow 2 hours!

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