1st year fall cleanup questions

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by MR HYDROSEED, Oct 25, 2005.


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    Its my first year for fall cleanups, I have no idea how to quote except that i'm going to try and get $100/hr, sorta hard to quote though since i don't know how long the jobs will take me. I have a fleet of stihl br420c blowers ready to go and i bought a used billy goat 8hp leafvac, but am concerned i'll be underpowered. I want to get a crap load of jobs and want to do them fast and efficiently. I'm focusing my marketing towards small fenced in yards in the city with very mature trees. In one city they do have a curbside pick up. Do you guys only do cleanups once the last leaf falls from the tree and how late can I do cleanups without the customer asking where in the heck is he? Will i need a trailer or can a days worth of collecting fit in the bed of my Dodge Ram with 4ft sides?
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    I usually fill my 1 ton dump 2 times (minimum) a day with a crew of three guys, 2 Walkers, 1 leaf plow, 2 BP blowers a WB blower and a 16 HP truck loader. I try to give the customer an approx date on when we will arrive explaining that rain days put us behind along with windy days. I do clean-ups as late as we can. Either when the snow starts or when there done. Once you get a couple under your belt it will be easier to estimate, you might not make as much on some but its a learning experience. Have fun!!!
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    Be carefull doing fenced in yards with just blowers. Its extremely hard to blow leaves out of a corner, and along chain link fences without blowing them through. Neighbors will yell at you if you do this. Just have a rake ready, it will save you a lot of time in the corners and getting the bulk out of certain beds. Is that 100/hr for 1 person, 2 or 3. A yard normally takes a minimum of 2 man hours, given that there is more than just mowing it, and make sure you know if you can dump on the property or in the street, dont want to be doing extra work.

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