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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by shrubsandbushes, May 30, 2008.

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    To see the pics i have them uploaded on another site. Here's the link.

    Hi, I stumbles across this site. Here's a little info. I live in Neenah, WI. By my guess that's zone 4 or 5. Here's my dilemma, I have bushes or shrubs or something and am in need of controlling them a bit. While my house was for sale the homeowner told me that maintenance wasn't done on any of the bushes or shrubs. Needless to say they got out of control. For my taste I don't like bushes or shrubs really high. Secondly, I live in an area with lots of little children, including one of my own. The first one is along my driveway and I'm terrified durring the spring/summer/part of fall months that a child will run out and we will run them over. It doesn't matter how careful we are these things are close to 6' tall. The other ones are in my back yard and are a "privacy" bush or shrub. They, too, are in need of taming.

    I have no idea what they are called or how to trim them. My questions, if anyone can help are: 1) What are they called so I can do more research on them. 2) How to take care of them. 3) I know SOME shrubs and bushes can be cut back pretty far and will regrow. Are these those types and how far can they be cut down?

    If at all possible, I'm looking to cut the ones along my driveway to about 3'. And the ones in the back to about 6'. I could care less if they stay or go, but my wife loves them. So I'm in need of help. Any and all advice is very, very, very appreciated.

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    1st thing I think of is not to trim back any more than 1/3 per year (general rule). So with that advice, it will need to be an ongoing project. Cut back any more than 1/3 and you risk killing the shrubs.
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    thank you. im just checking to be sure here. I can do the same to both of them. im assuming that as long as they have a canopy with leaves of some sort to get nutrients I should be fine. whats the best time to do this? also this is to anyone. what are these? Ive seen them before and everyone ive asked has no idea or clue as to where to start. i get mixed reviews. thanks again though
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    another helpful site will be the GARDEN WEB.com

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