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I'm about to plunge into deep waters. I've got a couple weeks left at full time electrical job. Starting Lawn biz in mid march. I did part time last year and was completely surprised that there was that much money out there. My question is with maximum advertising how much 1st year money can i expect? Mowing service and a little bit of landscaping, clean-ups and what ever I can get my hands on! Leaving a $30,000 job hope it will be worth my while because I enjoy the work.

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You should have a good chance at making $30,000. Maybe not quite that much but close. Keep in mind though that in your first few years you will be spending LOTS of money on equipment and advertising, so you won't be able to take much out of the business for yourself.


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man i was wondering the same thing, how much can i make the first year. all the equipment i have is paid for except for my truck , but its only $250 a month. i already have 5 jobs lined up.


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if you bust your butt you might be surprised how much "revenue" you can generate in your first year. How much you take then out of the biz will depend on your amount of debt to start it. Year 1 and 2 will be a little slow because you are doing allot of wheel spinning in trying to get new business. By year 3, if you truly work like a dog, and do better than average work, things should fall into place nicely for you...but...that assumes you are doing at least some, landscape work such as mulch installs, leaf removal etc. You dont have to be a full blown landscape install operation but I would not count on making the big bucks the first couple years if its mowing only. And remember if you are heavy into mowing, that we have not seen our last of serious droughts (aside from being more profitable than mowing, light landscape work allows you to have your eggs in more than one basket should a prolonged drought occur)

and remember you have to pay both parts of social security ...about 13% if I remember right(but half of that you would have to pay anyway, in any job)

I dont share the opinion of many that this is a low paying business...and I'm comparing it to corporate jobs, not driving a forklift