1st yearly contract proposal, please help?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by wildduck1520, May 3, 2006.

  1. wildduck1520

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    It's an industrial park building, they just put in new sod, about 25 new crape myrtles and a bunch of liriope. He wants weekly mow, edge and blow(approx 1&half-2 acres cut with alot of edging)Wants his myrtles pruned late winter, along with the liriope cut back. 45-50 yds of mulch in spring($25 yd) and turned in fall. Aerate and seed in fall (Southern bell). And i guess i wiil be going through alot of round-up since he is anal about weeds in the rock beds, driveways, parking lots, walkways,etc. Im figuring a yearly number of $10,000, with 40 cuts at 150.00=6000, 50 yds mulch at 40 plus turn in fall =2250 and the pruning, areating,seeding,liriope cutback and roundup about 2000 which equals $10,250.00. Am i close or could you please advise where i might be high or low. Thanks aton! Mike
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    How much are you paying for mulch? I am paying about $20 a yard for brown died mulch. There is NO WAY i would put it down for less than $50 a yard!!!
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    For the work you are stating, You will LOSE money at the price you are stating....I promise you! You need to do one and a half to double that amount! The mulch install alone is price anywhere from $25-$60 a yard too low.
  4. wildduck1520

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    Should my bid be more like $11,500? Thats 950@month
  5. wildduck1520

    wildduck1520 LawnSite Member
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    Can anyone tell me if im in the ballpark?
  6. wildduck1520

    wildduck1520 LawnSite Member
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    cmon vets, help me out, please. I want this contract.
  7. StBalor

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    MMLawn already answered your question. From reading these forums i gather he does alot of commercial accounts and knows what he is talking about.

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