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2:1 slope


LawnSite Member
Hopefully some one can help me. I am pricing an property for a customer and need a little advice. The property has a large slope in the front that the customer wants mowed the are of concern is approximately 3/4 acre (150x200) continuous 2:1 slope. What would be the best mower to use on this and how much should a person charge for this? there is alittle more grass on the property but it is only 10-15 minutes worth. I currently have an troy bilt 33" walk behind & crapsman 42" rider (made a lot of cash off of) but i don't trust the rider on the slope and thought about lug type tires and/or chains fo rthe troy bilt to make it easier. Would i have to worry about oil starvation on the motor or would a different mower be better. Thanks in advance.