2,4-D burn down and then rebuild advice.

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    My yard around my house is mostly clover and other junk. I'd like to have a green lawn throughout the year, but I know it can be a bit trying and expensive to make that happen.

    Most of my yard looks like this.

    My front yard

    I would love to be able to get some grass to grow under these trees.

    Back yard

    Will 2,4-D help kill off these vines and ivy off of this tree?

    Would 2,4-D help with most of the stuff that along this property line?

    This is a close up of what is going along that property line.

    Currently my plan is it spray the 2,4-D and eventually reseed with grass. I have a couple of questions regarding the timing of everything and if anyone would care to elaborate or give me their 2 cents I would really appreciate it.

    I'm purchasing 2.4-D ester to put down on the lawn. I know that it is more likely evaporate off but from what I understand it penetrates the leaves better due to it being a lipid soluble (as opposed to the 2,4-D amine being water soluble).

    Also, the seed I am planning on putting down is Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue. Any suggestions there would be appreciated.

    1. Is it true that I should hold off on mowing 5 days before I put down the 2-4D?
    2. Do I need to add a surfactant to my water/2,4-D mix if I go with 2,4-D Lo V Ester 4 from Universal Crop Protection Alliance (UCPA). It says it has 65.1% (any advice on surfactent? Will liquid dish soap work? How much should I use?)
    3. Are there any recommendations for putting down fertilizer before or after applying the 24D or putting down seed?
    4. How much time after I put down my 2,4-D should I wait to reseed/fertilize/whatever?

    Again, thank you guys for any advice on this. From everything I've read so far in the forums you guys are amazing!! :)

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