2-4 D Cleaning Of Spray Tank

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DMSLANDSCAPE, Oct 18, 2007.


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    i use lesco tank cleaner to clean out 2-4d out of my tank

    are there better products?
  2. americanlawn

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    Yes -- just triple rinse. (purging the lines each time)
  3. RigglePLC

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    Clean it as best you can. Also rinsing hoses and pump. Then...add water and spray some sensitive plants...like tomato, grapevines, redbud, box elder, or dandelion. Check after 24 hours.

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    i don't think any tomato plant can pass the cleaning of the tank with 2-4 d

    no matter what, i don't get near my tomato plants. tomato plants get a vicious thing called Epinasty from the slightest 2-4 d. not so much on the leaves but if water that could possibly have 2-d reaches the rooting system.
    all of the growth tips knarl up and tie themselves into knots.
    my plants have had them for most of 10 years. last year was the first true successful year for tomatoes when i did not get much Epinasty. it must be on my fingernails or something.

    i think the other plants would pass the test.
    thanks for the idea of dandelions. they are easy to find and "test the rinse"
    i am using gordon's 992 which is calculated for dandelions for a big kill.

    thanks again


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    i feel pretty confident as i do get the spray after cleaning, and i don't see the Epinasty attack on the growth tips.

    992, the slightest amount turns tomato plants into a horrid look.
    epinasty turns each growth tip on the tomato plant into a ball of knarl.

    it took me 6 years to figure out what was happening to my tomato plants.

    2-4d dicamba sticks to plastic containers and if you have trace amounts in water that you pour into a plastic container, and simply rinse out, the plastic container is still contaminated. it must be washed out with a cleanser for 2-4d

    or the trace amount will do a job on a tomato plant.
    i still get it on my plants even when i am careful. it must be under my fingernails.
    if i plant 20 tomato plants, i get a 10 percent production loss from Epinasty.

    it is a hazard of being in the business

  6. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    I freaking hate tomatoes.
  7. treemonkey

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  8. Neal Wolbert

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    The next use of the sprayer should dictate how well you clean it up.


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    thank you very much. that will also save me money rather than pay Lesco for their rinsate product
    i can get the heavy duty ammonia at ace hardware for professionals
    you really know your stuff.
    i am new to the board, and will donate as much information as i can to help others also.
    i have been doing it for 20 years, and all self-taught other than working for Chemlawn 25 years ago
  10. rcreech

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    I worked in the ag chem business for several years as we ran a large application crew always swithcing between crops (which is trickier then anything we do in lawncare) and we never used a tank cleaner. On the farm today, and also in my lawn health business I use nothing but WATER to clean my tanks.

    I just rinse the tank good and clean the system, then clean the filters out and rinse the tank out again and also make sure you get all your lines. Then a final rinse and good to go.

    Has not burnt me yet in the 12 years I have been in the bus.

    You can buy all kinds of tank cleaners....IMO you need nothing more then water.

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