2,4-D Lo-V Ester

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Doster's L & L, Feb 14, 2004.

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    Is this worth crap? Here's the ingredients: 65.1% of 2,4-D and 34.9% of inert ingredients. It has no dicamba far as i know. Would you spray this on any of your customers lawns? I'm thinking this won't give good control like i expect. Please help.

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    what product r u talking about got a label or more info
  3. Doster's L & L

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    Well, 2,4-D Lo-V Ester is the label name. Some of the weeds controlled are: chickweed (doesn't specify mouse ear or normal) and dandelion. Suppression: red clover, dock, wild garlic and onion. over 90% of the weeds listed on here are field weeds. Since the major lawn weeds are not listed, does this mean that they are not controlled? I've been taught that the label is the Bible and if it aint in there, it doesn't controll it. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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    LV4 does actually work well in cool temp situations and yes its relatively cheap. Its disadvantage is it's only 2,4-D in an ester so even though it's low volatility there is some thatr will take place with higher temps. I wouldn't reccomend applying in breezy or relatively warm days. I have had good results with spot treatment on thistle, and early germinated summer annuals. Ground Ivy and some of the hard-to-control perennial weeds will take repeat visits and customer patience. On these weeds your better with the combo products when their actively growing anyways. Don't use on Bentgrass and St. Augustine.

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