2.4 gal per hour on Kaw DFI 61" deck using G6

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by doublesharp, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. CurbAppealKS

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    Yes green you are right. I don't have the truck any more.
  2. greenology

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    Hey mate,

    I would suggest doing the test over a longer period of time to get a more accurate indication. At least an hour for example, but even better a couple hours. Gives a better indication of real world mowing, taking into consideration more variables. 15 mins of mowing conditions can vary to the next 15 mins.

    Also as u suggested the engine is new, so I wouldn't expect great numbers while everything is tight.
  3. puppypaws

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    Kawasaki told me they were working on their own hybrid system, but I talked with them a few weeks back and this has been dropped for the time being, or at least that is what this one person said. Accuracy of either of these statements is not be something I would bet money on.

    ProStreet gave a good answer to your question.
  4. doublesharp

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    I agree to a point. The 2nd test I did was as easy as mowing gets. Short dry grass on level turf. There will never be any easier conditions and it still burns 2.19 gal per hour. If I went a couple hours I'd wear myself out pouring gas from the can to my measuring pitcher and then into the mower's tank. :weightlifter:

    It's not such a big deal for me because I only mow about 4 acres per week and while it uses a good amount of gas I also get finished quickly and I love the way the mower cuts and powers through anything.

    Since the tank is full to the brim now I'm going to do 1 more test and will go 30 minutes. There will be about 1/3 acre up and down a light slope and then about 1/2 acre of pool table flat with med growth. I'll cut at 3.5"/3.25".
  5. puppypaws

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    I appreciate you sharing this truthfully, but as you can see from these numbers there is no reason to buy the DFI when in reality it appears to be worse in fuel economy than the same size carburetor engine.

    I would have Kawasaki look into this, this is very bad advertisement for an engine they are attempting to sell at a higher price while making people believe it will pay the difference in fuel savings while producing more power.
  6. doublesharp

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    Just completed test #3 and the results were the same as #1. 2.4375 gallons per hour. I did 15 minutes again to keep it consistent and I didn't have 30 minutes worth of mowing to do. It took 78 oz to cut for 15 minutes, full throttle, as fast as my butt could stand. The mower would have gone a little faster but I was moving pretty good.
  7. puppypaws

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    These are really high consumption numbers. The numbers you are producing is equivalent to the older 37's without fuel injection, and they were really bad.
  8. ProStreetCamaro

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    Here is my suggestion. Run the tank dry. Then put 1 or 2 gallons of fuel in it and run it dry again and time how long it takes for it to run dry. That is going to be the most accurate method of figuring out the fuel usage. If your numbers are correct that is really bad fuel usage. Honestly that is WAY more engine than a 60" mower could ever possibly use even with a deck powered rear bagger. Im not really sure why they would even put an engine that big on a 60" mower.

    How many hours are on the mower? It can take up to 100 hours before the engine, hydros and spindles fully break in and loosen up. Once they do your fuel usage should improve a little but it wont be much. Maybe .2gph or so. Maybe try putting a tach on it to see what rpm's it is running at. If it is running too fast that will increase fuel consumption also but most of the time they end up actually running slower than they are supposed to be. All of my mowers were slower than what they are rated for so I turned them all up.
  9. jkilov

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    Run a couple of tanks noting the fuel added each time then divide by cumulative number of hours.

    2 gph is horrible, my 26hp/61" does 1.1-1.3 gph.

    They are working on a closed loop system ??? Give me a break. Kawasaki makes motorcycles, locomotives and ships yet they can't perfect a lawnmower engine. Sheeees.....
  10. greenology

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    This is all very good, try to follow this if you can! I would only add that if you can try to get at least the 2 gallons in and run the mower.

    The longer time the test is performed the more accurate the number is.

    After all we don't use our machines for 15mins and then never use them again. we use the for 3000hrs

    The average usage over a 20 hr period will be different from the average usage on 15-30 minutes, but it will give you an idea.

    Also Im sure that with everything being new its creating higher numbers.

    Unless the RPMs are high or the mixture is too rich.

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