2.5 acre 2-3 ft Overgrown i won the bid and Got me $750 ( But turn out a Minus $5500 from my bank )



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On the plus side....its never bad to buy a brand new unit. Lol. Happy mowing...I too went to look at that Toro "my ride" 50" zero turn. My dealer had a decent deal on them too...but I ended up with a Gravely Pro-Turn 160 with the Yamaha motor. Mowed a few yards the past few days...this thing is awesome.
I can say i really like it the Toro. Did 1 acre this afternoon again ( 2 hotels property ) in no time and the cut it is very nice. My next one hopefully will be a 60" commercial for next summer season with 14" foot trailer.

Enjoy your Gravely Pro-Turn 160 Thumbs Up ... very nice