2 big mulch jobs

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mrbray101, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I just got two mulch jobs that are pretty large for me by myself. One is 15 yards and the other is 32 yards. I think I can do the 15 yards by myself in one day if I get started really early. If I am using just a wheelbarrow and snow shovels, rakes, etc how long would it take apporximately per yard. Ive never done any jobs like this, mostly 4-8 yards at a time. Would I be better off renting some sort of equipment like a dingo? Any advice from the pros is appreciated.

    Also, I priced the 15 yards at 900. If I applied my 60/yard for 32 yards it would be 1920. Does that sound like too much or should I give a discount like 55 or 50 a yard for that much. Thanks for any help.
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    15 wouldn't be too bad doing by wheelbarrow, but the 32 yarder i think renting a small tractor would be a good idea if you could, i don't know how a dingo is about tearing up a yard. With that many yards, i would probably give a small discount on it with the quatities up like that. just my .02 though

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