2 blade set up


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columbia Md
i have a older exmark metro walkbehind. I want to set it up with 2 blades on each spindel. How do you do this? Is it safe for a 12.5hp walkbehind? What kind of blades should i use?<br>thanks<br>-nick


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I x'ed two blades a long time ago on a 332 and they mowed and made leaves just disappear, however they did sap some power, and only used them in the fall. Gators do the whole job now and possibly do it better. If I want to clean up a yard, I mow with Gator Blades and throw it in all day, and at the end of the day, there is no more coming out of the discharge chute than what was coming out on the first round. (Down side is that it is dificult to trim as your trimming side of the mower is not in position, and you are forced to reverse once in a while to not discharge into landscaping.


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Duluth, MN
Hey Nick. I have the dual-blade configuration on my 36 & 48&quot; Metros. I love it! I'd never go back. They have 12.5, and 14 horse engines, and do fine. They stripe so much better that it's like running a different mower. <p>Vic

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