2 Blade setup on Toro 36"..?


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After reading the posts below regarding the benis of using 2 blades. I was wondering if anyone has done this with a Toro Pro-line. The blade spindle bolt area has kind of a bracket attached and you can not put 2 blades together. I was thinking of putting some washers in first to bring the blade level with the bracket so I could put on the 2 blades. Has anyone tried this? I am open to any suggestions or what has worked for you. Thanks all!


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Sorry John, I have a Toro Pro-line 44 but never thought of putting 2 blades on it. Do you have the mulching plate for the 36&quot;? To tell you the truth, my 44 does a super job without the plate, never used it. Got hi lift and regular blades and don't notice much difference. Mayby you should look to Gator Mulch blades, some guys have had luck with those but I personally never tried them.<br>Good Luck.

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